Adding an Electric Supercharger Is It a Good Idea to Have One?

You may add an electric supercharger to your vehicle at any time, and it will add quite a lot of power to your vehicle that cannot be found within the engine itself. Most people recognize the supercharger from the distinctive whine that it creates in known models around the world. One lovely sound that you might just want to add to your own vehicle. This article will talk you through the selection and installation of an electric supercharger, and you will see quite a lot of good comes from bringing more value to the vehicle.

Electric superchargers differ from normal ones because they have an internal electric motor which doesn’t drain your horsepower as much as a typical supercharger. When you choose to include a supercharger your vehicle, and you will find it quite helpful to add it to a car that already has quite a bit of power. You will see a V6 or V8 perk up immediately at the sight of a supercharger, and it may be vented through a hood attachment that makes your car more beautiful to behold.

How Does a Supercharger Work?

The supercharger in your vehicle uses some horsepower from the engine to spin up a motor that will infuse power into the engine. The spools will force air into the system that is far more dense and fast than the air coming through the grill, and you will feel the power come through the vehicle when you press the pedal. The spools in the supercharger may a sound that will whine as you drive, and you must ensure you have installed it in any vehicle.

The supercharger you install in your vehicle must be fitted to match your engine, and you can select from a number of models that are created to suit your car. You are adding quite a lot of power to the vehicle, and you must ensure you know how much power is added when the supercharger is chosen. It is connected using a kit that generally purchasable with the device, and you may have a mechanic set it up for you.

The General Specifications

  • Superchargers are built to spool air, and they are quite large.
  • They require a vent that will help them take in more air.
  • You must find one that will fit your vehicle comfortably.
  • The kit comes with all the connections you need for the device.
  • You can measure the amount of horsepower offered after it is installed.

Each electric supercharger is the same in its basic makeup, and you must have a look at specifics on each device before making a purchase of what may be several thousand dollars.

The Pros And Cons of Electric Superchargers

Electric supercharger units have their ups and downs, and you must look at each device as a blessing that may have some issues. You will learn through research which device to purchase, and you will learn through study how to avoid cons that are present. Before you purchase a supercharger, you must understand what is good and bad about each device first.


  • An electric supercharger add quite a lot of power to your engine.
  • They use air to ensure they are powered up, and there is very little power needed from the engine to run them.
  • They look beautiful while peeking out from the hood scoop.
  • They add value to your car you may not find anywhere.


  • An electric supercharger is quite large, and it may not fit your vehicle properly.
  • You might find it hard to obtain the budget to purchase a new supercharger.
  • Superchargers may add too much power to your engine.
  • Vehicles may be difficult to control when you have a supercharger running at full-speed.

Examples Of Electric Superchargers

Roush F-150 Supercharger Kit

The Rouch F-150 supercharger is a copy of the unit used in stock cars every year on the NASCAR circuit, and it will help add power to a vehicle that has a large engine for towing capacity. You will increase the amount of torque you get out of the vehicle when attaching the supercharger, and you may turn your F-150 into a powerful road machine that will cruise at high speeds.

Weiand Blower Street Supercharger

The Weiand blower supercharger is one of the largest available, and it will sit atop your engine as if it is its own engine. You will receive countless power from the supercharger when it is attached to your car. Now you’ll be able to drive it at high speeds on the road like you never have before. You may not know the great power of the vehicle you are driving today, but you will feel it when the torque meets the road.

Edelbrock Supercharger

Edelbrock is a name that has been synonymous with performance for decades, and they make a beautiful electric supercharger you may fit to your vehicle. You have the confidence of the long tradition of the company, and they will help you ensure you are enjoying your drives on the road of today. Find an open space where you can  spin up the spools in the supercharger, and you will hear the engine whine its way to life.


The electric supercharger you are using will help you drive your car faster, gain more power and feel torque meeting the road in a way that you cannot find in a standard vehicle. You may add to the vehicle at any time, and you will note the distinct difference between what you are driving today and what you will drive when the supercharger is fitted. The devices must be installed by professionals, and they will give you quite a lot of joy as you drive down the highway. You will hear them working, and you may notice the car has a new feel that comes through the steering wheel that will change your enjoyment of driving.

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