Best Audi A4 Mods for a Better Driving Experience

The A4 was Audi’s spiritual successor to the Audi 80. For a while, it was the direct headstrong competitor of the BMW 3 series. Since its release in 1994, many creative, unique, and performance-ridden Audi A4 mods have showed up.

When you know how to create the best combo for your car, you are able to help it twice. Boost its looks and its practicality alike. This is why it’s best that, when you decide you want to open the door to the world of mods, you should commit to it. Grab a little bit from every corner and incorporate everything for the best of effects. With the right Audi A4 mods, you can turn your vehicle into the best version of itself.

Below in this guide, you will find ideas for the best starting points among Audi A4 mods. We’ll offer the best options, places to turn to, and what specs you need to look for depending on generations.

Audi A4 Mods: Where to Start

Everyone seeks out mods for different reasons, but most of the time it’s in order to boost performance. Surely, you may want to personalize your Audi. To make something old look new, or to appeal to a very particular effect. But if you’re not bound by something in particular, you might find yourself addressing one question: “Where do I start?”

If you want to improve your car but the details of Audi A4 mods are lost on you, this will be your informative guide on which ones are the most necessary.

Strap a New Set of Wheels

Wheels are among the most popular Audi A4 mods. They’re widely sought out by car enthusiasts who wish to give their vehicle a makeover and some performance upgrades. The right set of wheels makes your driving experience better through. It’s sturdiness, better balance, and better acceleration support. It can also make your vehicle look really chic with fairly minimal modifications.

A generally fantastic wheel brand that can improve an A4 of any generation is the Forgestar F14. It goes hand-in-hand with a lot of Audi models. Forgestar really places a special kind of emphasis on customization. And thus, they make it easy for owners to get wheels that fit according to your exact offset and requests.

Other options include Avant Garde Wheels, HRE Performance Wheels, or VMR Wheels.

Avant Garde M310 Dolphin Gray Wheel (18×8.5″/5×114.3mm, +35mm offset)

  • Wheel Size: 18X8.5
  • Bolt Pattern: 5X114.3
  • Offset: ET-35

Change the Suspension

Whether you want to fix the B7’s awful understeering or simply seek out a better suspension system, you can modify to your heart’s desire with Audi A4 mods. As far as suspension goes, it might give some headaches to those that aren’t particularly tech savvy. There are three types of suspension Audi A4 mods: springs, coilovers, and air ride.

  • Springs: They’re the cheapest to acquire and, with the right processes, also to install. H&R Springs is your best choice, mostly given to the fact that the company is an official springs manufacturer for Audi.
  • Coilovers: They’re the ideal options for anyone wishing to prepare their A4 for tracks. However, that doesn’t limit coilovers to be strictly tracking instruments. There are plenty of people using Audi A4 mods that only set up coilovers for the streets. In terms of difficulty, coilovers are installed the same way as lowering springs.

Polish Your Exhaust Pipes

Everything in the rear and bottom of your car is defined by the exhaust pipes. Surprisingly, they can really make a difference in how the vehicle is perceived and even how it works. A high-quality exhaust pipe is also really functional and works in a way that can make all tasks easier for your car.

For the best kinds of Audi A4 mods for your exhaust pipes, look for AWE Tuning or the Eisenmann Catback Exhaust System. It is going to give you a super aggressive look.

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Perform with Power Mods

Before jumping to swapping or completely rehashing your engine, stop for a moment. Consider Audio A4 mods for power boosts. There are several ways in which you can go about it. Enhance the performance of your A4 while collaborating with the skill-set of your engine.

  • Intake: The fact that the OEM airbox doesn’t really give an astounding performance in terms of air flow. Filtering can be a bit impairing. You can do wonders by opting instead for an Injen Cold Air Intake. It works by relocating the intake. So, it can be placed in a position that allows for better cool air circulation and filtering.
  • Blow-Off Valve: To some, getting Audi A4 mods for the sake of making your car sound better sounds shallow and mostly useless. A blow-off valve technically does that. But a good one can directly contribute to your car’s performance, not just fake an improvement. With a Forge Motorsport Blow-Off Valve you can decrease turbo lag every time you hit the throttle.

Show off the Exterior Mods

Sometimes all a car owner needs from modifications and accessories is to make it look more appealing. Even though the majority of the Audi A4 mods listed previously manage to bring to the table a combination that brings the best of both worlds, these ones that follow are all about the looks.

Something that many A4 owners with an aesthetic eye might struggle with is the rather unappealing front plate and the design around that area. In order to fix it, you can easily reach out for a front grille which is going to remove the central license plate mount.

For a subtle addition of aggression that says your A4 means business, you can attach a splitter or a front lip.

Audi A4: Creation and Life

Especially if you’re a newcomer in the world of tuning and mods, knowing the fortes and the downfalls of your model’s generation is paramount. For this, let’s take a short ride down memory lane and reminiscence on the wondrous journey of the Audi A4.

Audi introduced the A4 to the world in 1994 as the company’s entry-level brand. As foundation, it uses Volkswagen’s B platform and every generation starting with the B5 has a chassis designation. When creating the A4, Audi wanted to achieve their own vision of what an executive car would look like. Many consider it to have been a soundly success. In wide terms, the Audi A4 is considered to be a compact car, one of the smaller vehicles in Audi’s portfolio.

Through the decades since its launch, the A4 has been projected into several variations, the most popular of which is the four-door sedan. The A4 is also available as a wagon or a cabriolet, both versions going public on American markets.

The Audi A4 B5 (1994-2001)

It’s obvious that the German luxury car brand wanted to take its time in order to perfect the “recipe” for their upcoming executive car model. Plans for the A4 started materializing as early as 1988, but it ultimately took Audi six years until completion. Eventually, the company managed to lift the curtain on the A4’s first generation debut model: the B5.

The 2.8L 6-cylinder engine was the default factory option of the first generation. Later on, in 1997, Audi added the 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo to their set of options. If you know about the Tiptronic transmission, it’s also worth mentioning that it first appeared through the A4. With this gearbox, drivers have the option of a fully automated driven operation or selecting manually the gear options.

The Audi A4 B6 (2000-2006)

When developing the concept for the second-generation models, Audi sought inspiration in the exterior of the A6. By default, a considerably larger vehicle. As a result, in 2000, a new breed of A4 became available to the world. Its knack was bearing striking resemblences to its sister, the A6.

This time, the engine options have been considerably boosted, as Audi introduced a great number of variants. The 3.0L 6-cylinder V6, the 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo, and the 3.2L 6-cylinder are some of the most notable engine options included in the second-generation package. The aforementioned cabriolet A4 first appeared alongside the second generation, as well as a new kind of continuously variable transmission.

The Audi A4 B7 (2004-2008)

Audi released the B7 during a time when all car manufacturers had to abide by the rules of the sudden technological explosion in the industry. As a result, alongside a new and improved exterior, the A4’s third generation came packed with technological advancements. The German company created a precedent for its growing reputation in technical creators. It happened through the infotainment system and the electronic stability control.

Under the hood, the third generation models first came packed with a redesigned 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo. The factory engine, as well as the other options, had in common the use of the four-valve per cylinder configuration. Audi made the choice primarily because of the incompatibly of the previous 5-valve configuration with the new FSI direct injection system.

The Audi A4 B8 (2007-2015)

Making its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the B8 was unveiled alongside the availability for Saloon and Avant options. Although it came with plenty of notable changes, the most important is the alteration to the transmission. Fourth-generation models have a differentiated positioning next to the clutch.

Also, we need to take a look at the bottom of the B8 too so we can take note of the length upgrade of the wheel base. It also provides a surprisingly lower weight. The inline-4 2.0 TFSI engine may have been its biggest misstep. This is especially compared to the offer of other competitors that made use of the superior 6-liter cylinders. However, it managed to correct this by giving the sedan body a V6 3.0 TFSI, which excelled in efficiency and power.

The Audi A4 B9 (2015-Present)

The fifth generation is the newest and shiniest, having just made its debut a year prior. Audi has made it clear that their vision for the latest models included increases in size and decreases in weight. As a result, the earliest B9 showcases put in the spotlight the longer wheel base and the overall length increase of the body. Despite the size boosts, the B9 weighs 65 kilograms less than the preceding model. This is making it the lightest in the class.

The biggest novelty in terms of engines is that they’re all packed with a new seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Just after the launch, Audi provided those interested with four powertrains. One four-cylinder turbo diesel and three four-cylinder turbo petrol options.

Genuine Audi (06J115403Q) Oil Filter

  • Original Equipment Manufacturered Part
  • Direct Fit
  • High quality


You know your generation, you know the main features. To get the best of what Audi A4 mods have to offer, it’s best to look out to filling in some of the gaps. Also look to improve what’s already good to begin with. For example, you can consider the understeering issues of the B7, which can be solved with some suspension modifications. Depending on your model, there are plenty of ways to go at modifying your Audi.

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