A5 Audi Performance Parts & Tuning Guide

The Audi A5 is, without much of a doubt, one of the best recent cars to have come out through the gates of the massive German automaker. It’s sleek, sexy, and runs like a charm, in typical silent yet strong Audi fashion. And now, with the aid of our Audi performance parts and tuning guide, you, too, can turn your A5 into the best car you’ve ever driven – the car you actually deserve.

First off, we will take a look at the overall history, design, and specs of the car. Then, we’ll drop some basic tips and tricks for tuning your A5. Finally, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most often encountered tuning projects that we found on Audi parts and tuning forums.

The Audi A5: The sleek beast

Released in 2007, it marked Audi’s determined return to coupe cars. It was a welcome break in a period of radio silence, as Audi hadn’t released a coupe car since the 1980s. To boot, its design is impeccable and impressive at the same time, with the exterior dominated by broad strokes and furrowing lines and the interior perfectly appointed, nothing short of what you would expect from an Audi. The car does have its minuses, in the sense that it rather lacks in the leg room department. However, it more than compensates in terms of interior and exterior appearance and has ample space in the trunk.

Most Audi performance parts users on specialized forums have worked on the A5 2.0 TFSI Auto Quattro, with 220bhp. The car performs with stellar results and is also remarkably easy to handle. With the right tuning, it could substantially improve its bhp count. And with a bit of inspiration from newer models, like the 2009 S5 Cabriolet and the 2010 RS5, A5 owners can use performance parts from the likes of APR tuning (which also sell VW parts) to upgrade their ride.

Top tuning tips for the Audi A5

  • First off, make sure you’ve selected your Audi performance parts provider wisely. Usually, manufacturers who sell Volkswagen parts, like USP motorsports and APR performance will also carry performance parts for the Audi (as well as the Porsche and other similar brands).
  • While the Audi A5 does not lack in terms of handling, it could use some improvement, much in the way that all cars could. The Sline pack of dampers from Audi (or the similar line from USP motorsports) could add a bit of pep to your car’s handling capacities. All that needs to be done is to have the car lowered by some 35mm – make sure you don’t drop it more than this, as you would be ruining what is otherwise a great initial setup that the A5 comes with.
  • Tinkering with air intake and exhaust systems is also a good idea, after you’ve tuned your engine, either by remapping it, or by replacing it. The original setup of the Audi A5 only allows for so much air to flow inside the engine, so you will need to remove the obstruction by upgrading your air filter. It’s not a good idea to select induction kits as intake and exhaust Audi performance parts for the A5. They will bring warm air into your car’s engine bay, which means that, instead of adding power to your engine, they will actually decrease it. An exhaust that’s been designed for sports cars might be a better solution. However, bear in mind that such exhausts tend to be a bit too wide and can actually reduce the rate of your air flow. This will cause your car to lose power as well. Remember that it’s illegal to remove DPF filters in most countries. There are over 150 TDI engines available at the moment, which don’t come with the DPF. Their performance can be significantly improved by having them remapped with a bigger Turbo.
  • In terms of wheel mods and tuning, big alloy wheels are not recommended as Audi performance parts for your A5. They will deter from the car’s performance, by upping the amount of weight that doesn’t spring. Bigger wheels will simply mean a lower peak speed for the A5, so select your wheel according to your gearing. Instead of just living large, opt for light rims, around 18 inch tops. It’s true that you can achieve good results with some of the 19 inch wheels, too – so you might test them out and see how they work for your A5.

How to choose the right engine for your Audi performance parts

A good rule of thumb, when it comes to tuning the Audi A5 is that the larger the engine, the more your car will gain in terms of power. Your ultimate goal should be improving your Audi A5’s torque curve. The flatter this curve is, the better. In conjunction with a higher peak for your power band, this will make your car a pleasure to drive. The best solution is to get a bigger engine, of course, for the bigger you start off, the better the gains and returns will be. However, you could also opt for the easier solution: remap a Turbo-charged engine and take advantage of the power gains this move comes with. If you do, however, choose to have a bigger engine installed, these are your best choices:

  • 8 and 2.0 TFSi. If you’re familiar with the Audi A4 line and performance parts from APR performance, you should also be familiar with these larger engines.
  • 6 speed-box engines:
    • V6 TDI
    • 0 TDi
    • 2 V8 FSi
    • 2 V6 FSi

It’s worth mentioning that the above options also come with the opportunity to have the Triptronic auto installed, which will significantly improve the overall performance of the car.

You can also opt for Diesel-fueled engines. Most of them, and particularly the CR models, will give your Audi A5 a ton of added torque, as well as improve your fuel economy index. You can swap your engine, f you’re looking to get great value for your money. A 1.8 TFSi, for instance, can be replaced with a 2.0 TFSi with great results.

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