Porsche 997 Mods Cabriolet, Targa, Turbo

Sports cars have been trying to set themselves apart from one another for a long time. The Porsche 997 has managed to, but you can make your vehicle stand out even more through Porsche 997 mods. The car benefits from an iconic front appearance. All of the things that make it a gem among other gems can be evidenced even better. If you’re here, we like to believe that you think the same thing.

Porsche 997 Overview

The 997 is also commonly known as Porsche 911 or Porsche Carrera. Of course, this isn’t precisely the most technical of aliases. The 997 is rather the internal designation of the 911 rather than a synonym. The Carrera is even more of a distinct identity.

The 997 managed to set quite a trademark in terms of stylization choices by opting to release 2-door body styles. They became available for the coupe, convertible, Targa, and Speedster. In terms of engine, the 997 stayed loyal to the Flat-6, alternating with the Flat-6 TT.


Design plays a really important part in the legacy of the Carrera. The 997 upped many things that now, in hindsight, we realize its predecessor, the 996, lacked. Porsche made the wheels bigger, setting them up for a standard of 18 inches. Its rear bodywork is 3.5 inches wider than the one of the previous model. Of course, some may make the claim that the thing that the 996 lacked most was the oval headlights. Porsche definitely realized this and decided to reintroduce them with separate indicator units.

The same headlights underwent further changes with the release of the second generation. Porsche gave the headlamps an optional package with dual HID projectors. Moreover, the model had new LED turnsignals and a new LED taillamp shape.

Notable Models


The cabriolet marked a premiering turning point for Porsche, who decided to gear its efforts towards the production of the cabriolet first. The 997 cabriolet’s design and engineering dictated the formula of the follow-up coupe. Their reasoning was very reliant on a logic that would eventually grant the coupe more rigidity. They concluded that they could start with the toughest challenges of the cabriolet. As a result of the chassis stiffness, the coupe would be more rigid too.

Cabriolet versions attained more weight, but they strangely managed to maintain an equal performance level with the coupe. 997 cabriolets came with an optional hardtop which took the encapsulating mantle from the canvas top. The same hardtop is also available for wintertime.


The Targa, Targa 4, and 4S and recurring presences in the 997 line-up. Compared to previous models, this particular one stands out through the modifications that took place in the suspension area. Strangely enough, we can owe this to the upgraded glass roof and hatch, present on past models too. Unlike the Carrera models, however, the roof weighs an additional of 132 lb, forcing Porsche to modify the suspension. Drivers can open the roof at any speed, dropping it 25 mm. It then slides a meter underneath the hatch.

The 997 Targa does have some big downfalls. For starters, it’s only available as a 4-wheel-drive compared to the other past versions. And because of the all-wheel-transmission and heavy rooftop, they’re also exponentially slower in comparison to the Carrera models. All in all, the biggest difference lies in suspension, which is why you’ll need to be extra mindful of the suspension Porsche 977 mods.


The Turbo is one of the most high-performance models in the Porsche 997 portfolio. It made its first appearance in 2006, at the Geneva Motor Show. Visitors there could observe the new front bumper and the LED turn signal strips. More, there were some other novel details such as larger air vents or returning elements: the retractable rear wing of the 996 Turbo.

Upon a closer and more in-depth look, you can stumble upon the turbochargers, equipped with a two-stage resonance intake system. The engine of the Turbo is a pretty interesting element to analyze, but we’re going to save on the details and delve into them another time. For the kind of Porsche 997 mods we’re going to list up later, it’s the basics that you should keep an eye out for.

And speaking of Porsche 997 mods, it’s time to get right into the business. Let’s discover how we can improve and make these three pure-blooded 997 models the best version of themselves.

Porsche 997 Mods: WHEELS

Let’s start with why we recommend paying attention to the wheels and investing to the best of your possibilities in them. Fans of the Porsche 997 lineup don’t often have any complaints to share regarding the wheels. In fact, most praise them. But, naturally, this is something that can vary from one situation to another so, in fact, there are no perfect wheels. The factory ones are moderate to good, but you CAN make your wheels great.

Even from the perspective of a passerby with no particular baggage of car knowledge, wheels matter. From the outside, they’re virtually the trademark of the vehicle and they can really contribute to the overall aesthetic and vibe. From the inside, their influence grows even more. The right kind of aftermarket set of wheels can make a big difference in the performance gauge of your 997.

Since we mentioned “right” kind of wheels, don’t go thinking it’s that easy to find manufacturers to suit your needs. Porsche wheels are a bit of a tricky business. We have the rear engine and loony bolt pattern to thank for all these complications. Fortunately, we’re trying to help narrow down the search by detailing on the main manufacturer which can cater to the delicate needs of Porsche owners.

HRE Performance Wheels

HRE is definitely one of the most reliable names in the automobile industry. The company has been performing on this market for years now, producing wheels for tracking, touring, and luxury cars alike. Even today, they continue to innovate by discovering and putting to use new technologies. One example is the fact that they’ve expanded to offer new kinds of free-form wheels. Interestingly, it’s what we recommend for your Porsche 997 mods list too.

For either of the three aforementioned models, the FF01 FreeForm HRE Performance Wheels are the most suited. Though we do need to mention that they’d make the best fit on a Turbo.

Features (as found on the HRE website):

  • Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty;
  • 19″ wheels starting at $625/each;
  • State of the art flow formed wheel;
  • Euro, Asian, & American fitments;
  • Standard color options are Liquid Silver and Tarmac with optional & custom powder coat colors available;
  • Starting at 22lbs each;
  • TÜV, VIA and JWL certification.

Porsche 997 Mods: SUSPENSION

No one’s denying the mastery of the engineering experts behind Porsche’s suspension. Opting for a set of Porsche 997 mods merely completes what’s already considered good. Above all that, though, it can create the perfect environment for a personalized driving experience. The adjustments at suspension level can help with excess wheel gaps, but they can also give drivers a better grasp of their vehicle.

Just like in the case of the wheels, the delicate nature of the rear engine makes any suspension alterations a bit more complex. What you need to do first and foremost is to determine what kind of changes you want to make in the suspension. It might sound like basic knowledge, but there are so many Porsche 997 mods for your suspension that they can completely change the outcome if you don’t purchase one with a clearly-defined goal in mind.

So, it’s crucial that you inform yourself about the difference that every piece can make to your suspension. Next, we’re only going to throw in our own two cents regarding what we believe to be the best suspension Porsche 997 mod.

GMG World Challenge Springs for Porsche 997.1

These models are still relatively new and they’re probably the best of what lowering springs have to offer. Lowering springs are by far your best shot at modding up your suspension. But with these GMG springs, you will be able to acquire pieces that are designed to work with your factory strut.

Features (as found on the GMG website):

  • Matched spring rates for PASM dampers.
  • Direct replacement spring set no modifications needed to vehicle.
  • 1″ drop front and rear.
  • GMG/Eibach springs are manufactured to higher than ISO 9001 standards.
  • Absolutely NO SAGGING with our springs.
  • Each spring set is matched ensuring consistent spring rates.
  • Eibach springs are TUV approved.

Porsche 997 Mods: PERFORMANCE

Performance is a pretty broad term, so you can be certain that there are plenty of methods through which you can tune your 997 and make it much more powerful. The difference is in the little details, so changing a piece a non-car expert might consider insignificant can make a drastic difference. Find examples below.


Porsche is famous for its particular way of dealing with intakes. Restricting them, they manage to control the output of their engines. Increase your intake’s flow rate and you’ll also be able to increase horsepower. For intake, we recommend the Porsche 997.2 Carrera Carbon Fiber Competition Intake System by Fabspeed.

Features (as found on the Fabspeed website):

  • Fits all Porsche 997.2 Carrera vehicles 2009-2011;
  • Improves power by 16 whp and 14 ft-lbs of torque at 5500rpm;
  • Includes dual dry-style air filters which do not require oiling; simply wash with warm water and re-use;
  • Intake constructed from genuine carbon fiber;
  • Direct bolt-on replacement for the factory air box;
  • Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty.


To make your car “breathe,” look no further than AWE, a company renowned on the automobile market for their high-performance and top-notch exhaust systems. To end up with balanced results on your hand, we recommend the AWE Exhaust for the Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo.

Features (as found on the AWE website):

  • Power and precision;
  • +24 crank hp, +30 crank tq gains;
  • Dyno developed;
  • Exquisite sound;
  • Extraordinary power;
  • Perfect fitment – guaranteed;


If you stumbled upon this piece of writing seeking a piece of advice for the world of Porsche 997 mods, we hope your questions have been answered. Wheels, suspension, and performance upgrades are always the perfect place to start. Remember to check that our recommended pieces are compatible and cater to your vision for your 997.

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