Performance Exhaust 101 General Info, Tips, and Options

Performance exhaust is an integral part of a performance vehicle, and you must ensure you have looked over the parts specifications before making a purchase. You may purchase parts that will help you tune the exhaust system, and this article explains how you will find the parts you need. Alternatively, you can also purchase a single part that will help the exhaust run efficiently, or even change the system completely. Read over each item to find the information you need about your next tune-up.

How Does Performance Exhaust Work?

Performance exhaust is a change to your exhaust pipes that will help tune the note of the exhaust, force the exhaust from the car faster, and allow for a better fuel mixture in the engine. Gases that are not forced from the car fast enough sit in the injection system, and they will slow the car’s performance. You cannot reach the maximum number of horsepower you are to have when the exhaust is poor.

You will install a performance exhaust system because you wish to tune the engine note that comes out of the car. You may purchase a device that will change the note when needed, or include a new exhaust pipe because you must improve the performance of the engine. Any vehicle with a massive engine must have a better exhaust system, and it’s possible to have it installed by a local mechanic who understands your vehicle.

General Specification For Exhaust Tuning

The exhaust system you select for your vehicle must be sized for the vehicle. You may choose from a number of brands that will serve you well, and you must find the pipes are fitted for your vehicle. Someone who is searching for the exhaust tuners will search for those matched to their vehicle, or search for one with a specific measurement. Either way, it’s important to look over the pros and cons of each item. Am online purchase might save you money, but make sure you’ve got the right part for your car.

Pros And Cons Of Exhaust Tuning Devices


  • You will force gases from the engine faster to improve performance.
  • You will hear an engine note that is pleasing to the ear.
  • New exhaust systems are far more efficient than older systems.


  • Exhaust systems may be outside your budget when you are shopping.
  • You may not have someone with enough expertise in your area to fit the system. You must have a professional do a complete tune-up when installing any exhaust system you purchase.
  • The systems may not sound the way you wish when they are installed, and you cannot know until you have them fitted.

Examples Of Performance Exhaust Parts

You may select a number of different performance parts, and you will find each listed here to be quite helpful for you. Everyone who is shopping for performance parts may use these as a starting point, and you will see some that may fit your vehicle. Manufacturers of performance parts have several sizes to choose from, and they will change when you are on the website. Select the make and model of your vehicle, and you will see something that is perfect for your vehicle.

Ford Mustang Roush Exhaust System

You may use the Roush system when you wish to hear the sound of a muffler from a stock car. The Roush team is one of the best in the sport, and using their parts makes it quite fun to drive. You will hear the power in the muffler, and you will notice the car powers itself much more cleanly. Simlply purchase and install the system for a better, more refined sound coming from your engine.

Borla Stinger S-Type Exhaust

The Borla Stinger will help you when you wish to fit something to the car that sounds a bit dirtier than what you have now. Someone who is looking for a way to enhance the performance of their vehicle must use the exhaust system to increase air flow through the exhaust. You will hear the difference in the vehicle when you are driving, and it will be most pronounced when you are looking for an exhaust for a vehicle that runs a V8 that is already quite loud.

Ford Loudmouth Axle Back Exhaust

The Loudmouth makes the sound you believe it does, and it is a lovely piece of equipment that you will admire even before it is installed. The device will help you improve the power coming from the engine, and you must ensure you have used the Loudmouth when you want everyone to know you are coming. Someone who has a loud vehicle today will shout through the hills with the Loudmouth is installed.

Aero Exhaust Aero Turbine Resonated Performance Muffler

The Aero Turbine muffler will help you hear the whine of an engine that is zooming down the road at speeds you are not accustomed to. You may add it to any vehicle you like, and there are several sizes to fit the vehicles you are driving. Someone who is using a tuned muffler will find the pitch consistent from one vehicle to another, and you will quite enjoy hearing a new sound come from the engine. Ask your mechanic to fit the muffler today, and they will show you greater performance than you have ever seen.

Summing Up

You must ensure you have selected the proper performance exhaust parts for your vehicles, and you will note how simple it is to use the parts once they are installed by a professional. The car will be tuned to accept the new exhaust system, and you will hear a new rumble come from the vehicle that you may not be familiar with. Every step you take to improve the performance of your vehicle will help you feel more power coming from the engine when you press your foot to the gas on the highway.

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