Brief Overview of Cat Back Exhaust Producers

Engine exhaust systems play an essential role in today’s both car manufacturers and consumers’ needs. The better the exhaust system, the better the performance of the car and the friendlier it is to the environment.

What is a cat back exhaust system?

The positive impact in regards to the environment is that a modern catalytic system provides less carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and different hydrocarbons emissions and a reduced noise pollution. The cat-back system provides a quiet gas exhaust in comparison with the old systems from the 60s and 70s. In those particular cases the H-pipes from the Mopar designers were very efficient on stronger cars, but now they can be used in tuning other types of vehicles, not only racing cars or “muscle” cars.

The H-pipes don’t help scavenging that well, but the X-pipes speed and force the scavenging (pushing the exhaust gas out of the cylinder and replacing it with fresh air or a mixture between air or fuel and air mixture for the next cycle) and produces a higher horsepower performance. That doesn’t mean that H-pipes systems are not efficient on modern car engines, it just depends on the type of engine of each car.

However, there are still systems that are not catalytic, but the lack of a cat-back on an exhaust system is illegal in most of the countries, especially in the U.S.

A cat-back’s main advantage is that it offers a higher horsepower performance along with a significant noise reduction feature. The gas emission is directed straight to the end of the system, providing both a better rush of gases and a more quiet noise for that. The noise varies from the loudest race car and truck engines, to the smoother and less noisy family cars.

Let’s have a quick look at the most efficient and professional producers around right now.


Flowmaster distinguished themselves as the most offering producers of mufflers (devices used to diminish noise and offer a better and more efficient gas release to the headers of the system) out there. They use up to date technology for a wide range of cars and vehicles on the market. Pick-up trucks, diesel cars, muscle cars, race cars, SUVs and most of the usual streetcars can use the Flowmaster exhaust kits.

Their 5 main exhaust systems depend on the usage types requested by consumers. The OUTLAW covers the race-car oriented area, offering a less reduction of sound and a higher horsepower performance. The AMERICAN THUNDER SERIES is most suitable for diesel vehicles, like Ford Mustang and Camaro, thanks to the laminar muffler technology.

The PRO SERIES offer a deeper tone to the engine sound, making it ideal for the past mentioned diesel cars, while the dBX SERIES are perfect for smaller and more compact cars. Finally, the FORCE II EXHAUST SYSTEM is the perfect combination between engine performance and a low tone noise.

Flowmaster mufflers are the most known mufflers on the market and are instantly recognized by anyone who has some experience in this field.


Borla takes pride in offering up to date technology for top race car manufacturing companies in the United States and abroad. Their work was recognized and highly awarded over the years. The main features of their products are that they are easy to install and they are made out of stainless steel, superior to other types used before by competitors.

The advantage brought by stainless steel is that of a longer lifespan of the entire cat-back system, preventing corrosion. The sound of the engine is reduced by the low restriction design, which keeps a high velocity and frequency, driving the noise at the very end of the tailpipe. Also, Borla are devoted supporters of finding safer and more efficient ways of preserving the environment.

Borla created the aftermarket performance exhaust systems. Their products are one of a kind in three ways: they have a warranty that outlives a vehicle, they are built with exotic materials like carbon fiber, titanium and stainless steel and the design of their mufflers allows easy installation.


Dynomax distinguished themselves since their start in the 80s as service and equipment providers for the most complicated aerospace and defense producers all over North America. With retail shops in the most important cities in the United States and Canada, they provide solutions for Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan and Toyota cars.

Dynomax manufactures stainless steel exhaust systems that are built to give the best flow possible. They build exhaust systems for both Ultra Flo and Super Turbo. The systems come with all the hardware parts needed for installation and are legal all over the United States. The Dynomax Performance Exhaust series has been around ever since the founders of the company, William Walker and his sons launched their line of mufflers, mandrel-bent pipes, cat-back systems and glasspacks back in 1987. Just like the parent company, Walker, Dynomax continues to manufacture very high quality performance parts.


MagnaFlow dedicated their efforts during their more than 30 years on the market to bring out excellent solutions for cat-back systems and mufflers together.

Their technicians’ work laid out a various range of products, from glass pack mufflers, motorcycle exhaust kits, different types of headers, diesel exhaust systems, basic catalytic converters, and their very own unique mufflers, made out of stainless steel entirely, with a life time warranty perfect for a smooth, deep tone of the engine.

The MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust first started out as an extension of the parent company called Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc. In 2000, on 18 of May, the MagnaFlow/Car Sound Performance Exhaust was given the ISO 9001 certificates. This is a quality standard which was created to define manufacturing systems and quality management by the International Organization for Standardization. Companies that are certified with this are re-examined twice a year to make sure those standards are kept.

MagnaFlow mufflers are one of the most appreciated vehicle parts on the market and they are a serious competition for Flowmaster and Dynomax.

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