The Audi S4 A Brief Review and Recommendations

The Audi S4 is basically known as a higher performance variant of the basic A4 model which the company has successfully produced and marketed for years. It was originally meant to be a performance-oriented version of a Sedan (the old Audi 100 saloon model), but since 1997, all of the various S4 models (quatrro, avant etc.) have been based on the ever popular A4.

In USA, the market segment for both used and new Audi S4s is highly developed, with the price being usually reasonable and plenty of spare parts being available as well. This is very important for any owner that wants reliability and a confirmed ease of maintenance, therefore if you’re looking for sturdy but highly performing cars that won’t make any big problems on the long run, consider an Audie.

Audi S4 in red

You can buy all basic versions of this model in many places across the country, from established dealers. The most popular choices are, according to our reviews, the 2004 Audi S4, the 2005 Audi S4, the 2010 Audi S4, 2013 Audi S4 and 2014 Audi S4 (obviously, the newer models are more popular but also a bit more expensive).

Besides the reliability of the car and the capacity it has for going off-road (just like a regular sports car, imagine a coupe-built turbo diesel engine convertible TT to know exactly what we mean), the richness of the parts aftermarket also make almost any version of the S4 a good car to buy for a fuss-free driving experience. An allroad S4 or a Spyder with Premium trim lining can handle the wilderness better than any SUV model.

2014 Audi S4 interior

The world stays tuned for the new 2015 Audi S4 release date, and we can confirm to have joined the enthusiasm train wagon ourselves. But while a sport car in limited edition or a rally car can inflame our attention in similar ways just for the show of it, the 2015 Audi will be very much a reliable everyday car, according to most reviews, even if the pricing will indeed reflect its novelty and high performance.

Audi S4 specs and characteristics

Depending on the model, the S4 specs are along the following lines:

  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • 5 seating capacity
  • Premium fuel system and 12 volt battery electrical systems included
  • Six-cylinder engine
  • Top-track speed of 155 mph.
  • 333 horsepower
  • Supercharged induction and fuel injection
  • 4 year warranty
  • Available in Premium Plus or Prestige trimmings
  • Any optional spec available upon order.

Comparisons with other models

Compared with the base models it often improves (such as A3, A6, R8, any TDI model or a cabriolet type of vehicle), an Audi S4 is a sportsback version of a highly performing Subaru, Mustang or Nissan race car, only for a fraction of the price. If you’ve been following the updates on the Subaru WRX vs. STI debates, it means you can definitely appreciate raw power, versatility and speed in a hardened up shell, which means the Audi S4 may really be the best choice for you compared to any similar model from other brands.

Also, even within the same brand, the Audi 1.8t vs. the Audi S4 stands no comparison in terms of how powerful and how well-equipped the latter is, for both urban landscapes and off-road scenarios.

The A5 and A8 models, as well as the hatchback Q5 and Q7 were pretty impressive 10 years ago, judging by how many of them sold back in 2005, 2006, 2007 and even 2008, but the Audi sport Quattro (S4) has clearly become a public’s favorite since 2009 and counting. In our opinion, if the fancier models such as R8, RS5, A8 and so on can be a bit more eye-catching than the S4, the S4 is definitely the most reliable of the bunch, especially if you’re not precisely rich and willing to pour a lot of money into a fetish-car.

Don’t get us wrong, we love admiring fancy cars ourselves, but we wouldn’t also buy them, if you know what we mean. An Audi TCI from 2008 or a S4 from 2006 are more than enough to give us anything you could expect from a family-friendly car, especially if you enjoy both elegance and a bit of off-road adventure as well.

The Audi S4 isn’t afraid to get its wheels dirty and can withstand pressures and challenges that few competing models can, though the decent price, the customizable trim and specs and, of course, the availability of spare parts are impossible to top. After going through the mountains on a little muddy trip, the S4 will return to its neat shape as soon as you get it washed and waxed, reasy to go to a ball and looking sharp while at it.

It’s therefore no wonder the company calls it a “sports luxury car”. As a bottom line, if you’re the type of customer who’s looking for this kind of combination, or if you’re simply looking for a very powerful and sturdy car even if never plan to take it off-road, then the Audi S4 is definitely the vehicle you want.

If you’re looking for a used Audi S4 for sale (or a new one, for that matter), make sure you keep the following in mind: the car can stand a higher mileage than most cars, so don’t be deterred if the car seems to be in a good shape but has traveled a lot. The S4 is so reliable that this means almost nothing in the long run. Second of all, make sure the dealer you are currently seeing cars from is indeed certified in every aspect of car dealing, beyond mere sales.

It would be very comfortable for you to be able to get your car repaired or performance tuned at the same place where you bought it, and since you will definitely need maintenance and repairs over time, you should think ahead. Third of all, make sure the dealer is authorized by Audi to perform repairs and upgrades, since this can lead to specialized offers and discounts for all the customers needing spare parts or other services from the main company.

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