Mass Air Flow Sensor 101How to Install It, Info, Tips, and Offers

Many people look for ways to upgrade their vehicles trying to gain top performance. There are many parts that can be upgraded and tweaked to accomplish this. One such part is called the mass air flow sensor, or, MAF sensor.

When upgrading other internal parts, such as the intake, you may need to upgrade your mass air flow sensor as well. This is in order to really allow the other parts to perform the way they were meant to. This article will give you some insight into the importance of upgrading the mass air flow sensor and some tips you may find useful.

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How Does the Mass Air Flow Sensor Work?

The engine in a vehicle utilizes a number of sensors and computer signals in order to balance the mixture of air and fuel that gets to the cylinders. From the cylinders, this mixture creates combustion which then translates into horsepower. If you have spent the time and cash to upgrade and modify other components in your build but your sensors are still stock, you may be missing out in the possible peak performance. To take full advantage of all that hard work, you can upgrade your mass air flow sensor.

Your mass air flow sensor monitors the amount of air that comes into the engine by means of a thin wire or resistor. The computer reads the electrical resistance that the MAF sensor transmits. It does this as the air flows through it and cools its components down. The computer uses these readings to tell the fuel injectors how much or how little gasoline the vehicle needs to balance out the air to fuel ratio.

Adding modifications to your vehicle, especially the ones that are meant to increase airflow, your stock mass air flow sensor may not be able to gauge the increase in air volume. This makes it nearly impossible for your computer to determine the sensor’s readings accurately. In this case, the amount of fuel delivered is not accurate. So with an unbalanced air to fuel ratio you will not see the best increase in power and will fall short of peak performance.

Upgrading to a performance mass air flow sensor will allow your vehicle to support more air. This is because it has a larger bore hole. It can also allow for a more accurate reading, making sure your vehicle’s computer is always getting an accurate reading.

General Specifications

  • Available in variable voltage output (analog) and frequency output (digital);
  • Uses a hot wire to sample air to send information to the computer;
  • Lets more air to pass through a bigger opening to ensure proper computer readings;
  • Allows other modifications to reach peak performance;
  • Helps you gain low end torque and horsepower;
  • Aids to increase air to fuel ratio to optimum levels to create greater combustion

PROs and CONs of Upgrading Your Mass Air Flow Sensor


  • Improves computer reading of the amount of air flowing through;
  • Supports additional modifications done to your vehicle. Also, it lets them reach their highest performance levels;
  • Torque, horsepower, and throttle response increases.


  • Some resources say that you cannot use a cold air intake that uses oils on its filter. This is because of contamination of the mass air flow sensor. K&N (a very highly regarded brand) claims that there is no supporting research to support that claim;
  • The mass air flow sensor itself impedes air flow slightly;
  • Creates a slight time lag because of the small added distance the air has to travel to go through the mass air flow sensor.

Examples of Mass Air Flow Sensors

Camaro JET Mass Air Flow Sensor Upgrade #69143- Fits 2010- 2015 Camaro SS Models

JET is no stranger to performance. They have been involved in creating performance parts for drag racing for over 49 years. They have become to go to company if you wanted to tune your carburetor. Currently they carry products to cover over 40,000 applications to enhance your build.

Reviewers claim this product is well worth the investment. They appreciate their terrific knowledge base and fast and friendly customer service. The difference in their vehicle’s performance was noticeable right away. Also, the installation was straight forward and fast to do.

Granatelli 350113C Mass Air Flow Sensor

Granatelli Motorsports has been associated with creating speed and performance parts for over seventy years. They have spent a massive amount of time testing and evaluating their parts. This was to ensure they meet the high demands of their customers and it seems to be working for them.

The reviewers are amazed at the easy installation of this part. They also appreciate the power they can feel immediately during their first test on the road. Their horsepower gains were between 18 and 25. Moreover, they love the fact the part is so heat resistant.

BBK Performance Parts 8015

BBK has boasted a name synonymous with bolt on parts for modern muscle cars. With its inception in 1988, BBK has built its legacy growing into the largest source of performance parts. American designed and built, they carry on the tradition of muscle in the United States.

Reviewers love the durable quality of this part. They also say that the customer service and fast shipping is top notch. The part itself delivers much more horsepower than expected and really gets their cold air intakes into the game.

Wrapping Up

When upgrading your vehicle it is important to remember the small parts that support them. The mass air flow sensor allows those modifications you spent so much time and money to install, to really hit their highest levels of performance. Without an upgraded mass air flow sensor, you may never realize their potential. Since it is a relatively low cost item that does so much by means of performance, it would just be silly not to upgrade it.

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