How to Jump a Car Battery without another Car

    Many of us have experienced the frustration of a dead car battery. You get into your vehicle expecting it to turn over and you get nothing but maybe a few pathetic clicks or it will crank but not more than that. Since a car battery is essentially its heart, without it, your vehicle will not get the power it needs to move or start up.

    Why Do Car Batteries Die?

    Car batteries die for a few reasons. First, colder temperatures slow the internal chemical reaction within them making it difficult for them to function properly. Thus, paying attention to the cold cranking amps in relation to regular temperatures where you live is important. Otherwise, the use of a battery blanket can be useful. Another reason is age and corrosion. Over time, any battery will give out or be susceptible to the damp conditions that cause corrosion. Finally, many people leave accessories on that drain a battery while the engine is off. Too many of these accessories can pull too much power leaving a battery without enough juice to start the vehicle.

    So what do you do when your battery leaves you stranded? This article will give you a few tips to keep in mind when you need to know how to jump a car battery without another car.

    Things You’ll Need:

    • Jumper Pack similar to the Jump-N-Carry JNC660;
    • Safety gear such as goggles and gloves.

    Method 1

    For method number one of how to jump a car battery without another car, a battery pack is needed. These can be found at many superstores or auto parts stores. They can also be found online at many car sites or on shopping sites such as eBay or Amazon. A battery pack is a very handy item to keep in your emergency supplies for when a battery goes dead and you need to figure out how to jump a car battery without another car. It will eliminate the need for a working vehicle to jumper off of but be used in a similar way.

    In general, these battery packs will come with amp settings of 2, 10, or 50. Many of these come with other useful features that can include a power outlet for tools, USB chargers for your phone, or even a way to inflate a low tire. You only have to be sure that you recharge them periodically so that when you do in fact need to use it, it has enough power itself to do what it is intended.When purchasing one, be sure to obtain one that will be able to supply enough power for your specific vehicle.


    • Equip yourself with the necessary safety equipment. You need to have goggles and gloves in your vehicle when dealing with electrical issues including your battery.
    • Open your hood and place the battery pack on a flat spot on the bonnet area where it will sit securely without tipping over.
    • When figuring out how to jump a car battery without another car, the red cable is positive and black is ground. You will attach these from the battery pack in the same way you would to another vehicle.
    • Connect the positive cable to your vehicle’s positive battery post.
    • Next, connect the ground cable from the power pack to the ground post of your battery or to a metal bracket or bolt head that will provide a good grounding connection.
    • Be sure no cables are near moveable parts that can become entangled when the vehicle cranks up.
    • Turn the battery pack on. Most will have a simple on/off switch for this purpose. However, you will need to adjust others for amps before they will start.
    • Once you are set up, get in your car and start up the engine. If it starts, leave it running for a few minutes to allow the battery to charge. If you are unsuccessful, check your connections and jiggle them to ensure a proper clamping.

    When you have finished the process of how to jump a car battery without another car, be sure to power down your battery pack and then remove the clamps (ground first) to prevent sparking.

    Method 2

    This method is specifically for manual vehicles and all you will need is some man-power. To use this tip on how to jump a car battery without another car, follow this procedure:


    • Place your key in the “drive” position in the ignition.
    • Place vehicle into 2nd gear. It will be harder to get it to start if it remains in 1st gear.
    • Have someone push (or pull the vehicle if you are attempting to do this in reverse) the vehicle to get it moving and give it a little speed.
    • Once in motion, quickly release the clutch and you should be able to start it.
      This method may take a little trial and error since you need enough speed to get it going even though it is not much.


    Car batteries have a limited lifespan. Unfortunately, we often do not pay attention to the warning signs that show you’ll need a replacement. Changing your battery at regular intervals, checking it for corrosion, and ensuring you have a battery that will provide enough cranking amps during the most frigid weather you tend to experience can help keep you running. Yet, even with your best efforts, you may still find yourself stranded on the road without any help or maybe even without any jumper cables available. Now you will have the know-how of how to jump a car battery without another car. Luckily, there are other methods to use and handy devices that eliminate the need for having to flag down the help of a Good Samaritan.

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