How Does ECU Tuning Work?

Some reasons you may want to use ECU tuning would be: to gain better performance, to make up for engine modifications such as an engine swap, to alter your fuel/air ratio. The first performance programmers were very basic and tedious to install. They could really only tell the engine how to run by monitoring and controlling items like ignition timing and fuel delivery to save fuel and get the most power from any situation.

Onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) came along and provided a standardized system and improved features. You were now able to plug in a reader to pull information from your vehicle’s computer no matter what you drove. It did not take long for do-it-yourself ECU tuning to come along – allowing anyone to have more control over their vehicle’s performance.

A modern ECU plugs directly into your electronic system under the hood. Running in-line with your system, it is able to intercept the data before it is transferred from your vehicle to the computer. Before it sends that information through, it analyses it and adjusts it to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Installation is quick and as simple as plugging the unit directly into your on board computer. Once it is in place, unless you want to set your vehicle back to stock specifications later, you never have to worry about adjusting it.

General Specifications

  • Different stages (levels) are available for every driving need.
  • Most control modules are custom programmed to make the most of the output and performance of your specific vehicle make and model. Some even take your engine size, transmission, and tire size into consideration.
  • Offers accurate and immediate tuning since you plug it directly into your own system.
  • Never needs adjusting unless you want stock specifications returned.
  • Simple plug-in installation.
  • Optional in-cab monitors for live on-the-fly data.
  • Most vehicles can attain over 20 miles per gallon along with more power and reliability.

PROs and CONs of ECU Tuning


  • Installing one will give you more power and torque, as well as a smoother ride and a gain in fuel efficiency.
  • Different tuners are available for different driving needs from racing to every day driving.
  • Affordable way to increase performance and torque or to improve fuel efficiency.
  • No major internal modifications to existing components needed.
  • Gives you the ability to go back to stock specifications when you need to sell the vehicle or take it in for emissions testing.
  • Certain performance chips and programmers give you the ability to custom tweak many of your systems components.


  • Some tunes require a fuel upgrade to premium due to increased performance. This ends up increasing the cost of use.
  • More performance means more wear and tear on your parts. This means shorter part life and more replacements and repairs -all of which add to overall cost to use.
  • Have to compromise something. You cannot have the best of both: horsepower and torque, or miles per gallon. If you want better fuel economy some horsepower and torque have to be sacrificed. If you are looking for more power, more fuel has to burn to achieve it. Thus you will see a drop in fuel efficiency.
  • May void warranties included on your vehicle if programmers are found to have been used to alter your vehicle’s stock settings. Dealers are instructed on ways to find out if this has occurred.
  • If you are not familiar with your system and blindly make guesses as to settings on a custom performance programmer or chip, you can destroy important internal components such as your transmission and engine.

Examples of ECU Tuning Units

Bully Dog Performance Chips & Programmers

Bully Dog is a sought after company in the performance programmers aftermarket industry. Their mission is to provide safe and efficient ways to empower individuals and give them the ability to take control over their vehicles. They offer a wide range of programmers and aftermarket parts for every vehicle and even big rigs. Reviewers love the quality of the products and say they can see a big difference in vehicle performance. They also find that customer service adequately knows info about their products and is especially helpful.

Jet Performance Products

Originally a carburetor shop that specialized in drag racing, Jet continues its commitment to enhancing vehicle performance 49 years later. Amongst its wide variety of aftermarket parts, programmers and chips for many applications are available. Reviewers really appreciate the knowledge base of Jet’s staff. They also love the custom programmer options and claim there is an amazing difference in their vehicles performance and gas mileage even when hauling heavy loads. They also say the programmers are a little on the high end in price and they would like them more affordable but the gain in performance was worth the money.


Superchips, founded in England, was originally focused on providing the British racing community with products to enhance their vehicles. They are one of the first companies that specialized in vehicle tuning. Eventually, they came to provide programmers worldwide and now manufactures all of their products in the USA. Nowadays, they’ve become one of the most recognized brands in auto performance with their products being used in all sorts of motorsports, NASCAR, off-road racing, and drag racing. Reviewers rave about the ease of installation and the pre-loaded tunes. They can also definitely see the quality and years of experience in the industry shine through in their products.


There is a world of aftermarket parts that are available to enhance your vehicles power, performance, and efficiency. ECU tuning options such as performance tuners and ECU performance chips allow you to get to the brain of your vehicle and tell it how to run things more effectively.

Which brands have you had noticeable success with? Leave your experiences, gripes, and suggestions for others looking to implement this type of vehicle enhancement.

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The post Off Road Suspension for Your Countryside Ride: Tips, Offers, How to appeared first on]]> Most people never improve the stock suspension on their vehicles. This is not true for those of us who like a little adventure and go off-roading. The main idea behind an off road suspension is to add more ground clearance by lifting the vehicle up off the ground. This allows for larger tires to be installed and increases the amount of vertical movement in the wheels. Many companies manufacture lift kits to accomplish this.

The confusing part of choosing an off-road package is encountered when you realize how many there are to choose from. Packages made for rock-crawling are very different than the ones for desert running or trail driving. Not to mention, if you do not have a vehicle dedicated to your off-roading, you will need something that is able to take regular street driving as well. This article will give you some direction as to which modification is best for your application.

How Does Off Road Suspension Work?

The off road suspension in your vehicle has three specific duties: to even out your ride, keep the tires in contact with the road, and to keep your vehicle stable. Suspensions have a spring (either a coil or leaf) that absorbs the forces of energy that act upon your tires. The springs are accompanied by shock absorbers which then dampen the vibration of any bumps in the road that hit your springs.

In addition to the basic duties, front off road suspensions have to also deal with turning wheels and need to absorb braking torque. Thus a front suspension is more complex than a rear.

Off road suspension systems are even more complex than stock because of its need to deal with a harsher terrain and larger wheels. Stock suspensions just won’t cut it anymore. Front end suspensions for off road vehicles tend to include a solid axel with leaf springs. This is also known as a dependent system. This is because the wheels are joined horizontally so they move together as a unit. Leaf springs connect to the vehicle frame and axel housing using U-bolts. Finally a sway bar will be used to help control any body roll.

On most vehicles being equipped for off-roading you will find a solid axel with either type of springs. When modding occurs, typically, a shock absorber will be fitted to each side of the axel- one in front and one behind. This is done in order to reduce a rapid up and down motion that occurs in the rear when you suddenly accelerate.

General Specifications

  • Solid axel with Leaf springs: A dependent system which creates more stability and absorbs shock.
  • Solid axel with coil springs: Similar to solid axel with leaf springs, this combination is also dependent and has the same effect. Many prefer coil springs over leaf springs because of the more compact design and they tend to make less noise.
  • Independent front suspension (IFS): Allows each wheel to move independently. Control arm sets are applied to the wheel and then to the frame. The spring’s job is given to either a torsion bar, similar to a flattened coil spring, or coil struts which essentially are a combination of a shock absorber and coil spring.
  • Twin traction beam (TTB): Combines both dependent and independent systems. A TTB, or twin I beam, system uses two beams in the front end. Each beam attaches on a pivot and then to the wheel. The beams overlap a lot and act sort of like two very long control arms. A U-joint in the middle lets each beam act independently.

PROs and CONs of Off Road Suspension Tuning

Independent Suspension


  • Great for open desert applications such as desert speed runner vehicles.
  • Smoother ride: Independent suspension allows each tire to handle bumps in the road independently. Thus, the shock does not travel across the entire axel.
  • Better speed and drivability: This is the big reason you will see independent suspensions on desert racers.
  • Better handling and cornering: Independent systems reduce the centrifugal force when cornering which minimizes body roll.
  • Lower weight.


  • Only flexes the suspension on one side. This leaves one tire hanging and pretty much useless in a very rocky terrain.
  • More complex making repairs morel likely and installs on the vehicle more complicated and expensive.
  • More wear and tear: The autonomous motion of each wheel on a rough surface results in a minor variation in the wheel track. This results in an increase in tire scrub when your wheels go over a bump.
  • Less strength: Does not have a large single beam that gives overall support.

Dependent Suspension


  • Great for rocky terrain.
  • Simple and reliable.
  • Costs less: Easier to install with fewer components. The fewer parts you have, the fewer parts there are to break and replace.
  • More steering angle.
  • Allows one tire to lift the entire front end. The solid axel lets one tire force the other to the ground.
  • High Strength: The single beam gives tremendous support across the vehicle.


  • Less comfortable ride.
  • Does not handle as well: Since wheels work as one, if one side is forced in a direction, the other is as well. This makes it harder to maintain a straight direction.
  • Not as good with speed.
  • Heavy: The single beam is massive and adds to overall weight.

Examples of Off Road Suspension Parts

Since a suspension is composed of many parts, we will look at manufacturers that are known for their aftermarket suspension parts.


This company was established in 1975 and still remains a respected pioneer in the industry. The company itself is run by truck enthusiasts making their knowledge base huge and opinions sought after. Much of their fabrication is done in house which allows them to really fine tune and hone every step of their manufacturing process.

Reviewers go to SuperLift because they trust the products and respect the experience of their staff. Customer service is top notch. The money back guarantee and American made products are a plus as well.

Pro Comp

Pro Comp has been in the market since 1992. Their products are known to be high quality and durable. Their off-road lines include: tires and wheels, shocks, suspensions, and everything in between. They originally came on the market with suspension systems and they remain the cornerstone of their company. They strive to continually develop and improve their suspension systems.

Reviewers appreciate the lower cost parts and one stop shop for their rigs. Their customer service and fast shipping is also applauded.


Rancho is popular brand worldwide. Originally established in California, they quickly took the market by storm with their popular brand of suspension, shocks, and other off road products. They are particularly known for their adjustable shock absorbers which give drivers the ability to adjust the compression of their shocks to suit their needs.

Reviewers give the look of their products two thumbs up. They also love the affordability and ease of installation. And reading the reviews out there shows that those talked about shock absorbers really are a popular product.


Many find adventure off the beaten path. Whether rock crawling is your thing, or racing across sand is what gives you a thrill, stock suspensions will have to be beefed up to handle the rougher terrain.

Which suspension do you prefer and what terrains do you use them on? Let us know in the comments section. And if you want to see more in-depth articles related to other off-road aspects we would love to know.

The post Off Road Suspension for Your Countryside Ride: Tips, Offers, How to appeared first on]]> Wed, 08 Feb 2017 12:16:15 +0000 The use of nitrous oxide has been around for many years. In fact, it has been used since WWII. Used primarily for enhancing aircraft speed and altitude capabilities, nitrous oxide and its application was considered confidential information. It wouldn’t be until the 70’s when a couple of racers were able to really perfect its use […]

The post Nitrous Oxide Systems – Boost Your Car with these Options appeared first on]]> The use of nitrous oxide has been around for many years. In fact, it has been used since WWII. Used primarily for enhancing aircraft speed and altitude capabilities, nitrous oxide and its application was considered confidential information. It wouldn’t be until the 70’s when a couple of racers were able to really perfect its use in automobiles after many years of car enthusiast and racer’s failed experimenting. Thus came the birth of the company many of us are familiar with, NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems). This article will show you the benefits of installing a NOS system in your vehicle and other useful information for your build.

How Do Nitrous Oxide Systems Work?

During the first few years of development, a lot of effort was used to show that using nitrous oxide was a safe way to improve performance. This lead to the creation and sale of easily installed nitrous oxide systems which became sought after in the 1980’s and continues to be a go to for extra power today.

Nitrous works in a similar way to sodium chlorate. Nitrous gives you a way to store oxygen which is only released through heating. When nitrous oxide is heated to about 570 degrees Fahrenheit, the nitrogen and oxygen splits into separate parts. Thus, when you push nitrous oxide into your engine, there is more oxygen accessible to burn fuel during combustion. The more fuel you can burn, the more power you gain.

Nitrous gives you a very simple and effective way to boost your horsepower significantly. However, there is another effective benefit that you gain by using a nitrous oxide system. When nitrous becomes vapor, is delivers a substantial cooling effect on the air coming in. Cooler intake air is denser and allows you to push even more air into the cylinder.

Stock cars can only go as fast as its internal components allow it. Installing a Nitrous system can give you more speed and power to enhance your performance by pushing more air and allowing you to burn more fuel.

General Specifications

  • Odorless and colorless.
  • Non-flammable: On its own, nitrous oxide is not flammable. However, the oxygen in it causes combustion of fuel in an engine to happen more rapidly.
  • Will eliminate lag when used in combination with a turbo or supercharger.
  • Use at wide open throttle: Because of the tremendous increase in torque, best results can be achieved if you activate it early off the line when racing.
  • Necessary to retard your ignition timing by a few degrees.
  • Higher flowing fuel pump, higher fuel octane, and better spark plugs may be needed in many applications.
  • Comprised of 2 parts nitrogen and one part oxygen.
  • As a general rule – for every 10 degrees reduced in the air intake temperature, you gain a 1% increase in power.

PROs and CONs of Nitrous Oxide Systems Tuning


  • Extreme power boost without the need to reach excessive rpms.
  • Economical: One of the most inexpensive ways to gain performance.
  • Virtually every stock engine can find a kit to fit their vehicle.
  • Easy to install.
  • Safe when properly installed.
  • You can get extra style points by decorating your bottle to match your ride or give it more character.
  • Controllers are available for many kits that allow you to bank your system.


  • Bulky: The engine needs a fair amount of nitrous to work effectively. Like any other gas, even when compressed into liquid form, it takes up quite a bit of space. This is why cars carry only a few minutes’ worth and only use it when needed.
  • Some upgrades to internal components may be necessary especially if it is being used for racing.
  • Higher octane fuel may be needed for some applications increasing the cost to use nitrous oxide on your vehicle.
  • Has to be refilled once empty.
  • Misuse or improper installation can cause severe engine damage.

Examples of Nitrous Oxide System Parts

Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS)

This brand is the granddaddy of nitrous oxide systems. They can claim fame to its popularity and they are still the top trusted name in the industry. Today you can still find it under the hood of most racing cars.
They are known for quality at a decent price. And reviewers still put their trust in NOS. They have a huge variety of kits available for virtually every stock and non-stock application.
Their kits range from street easy to full race and boast horsepower gains of up to 500. They even have a hide-away kit when you want your NOS inconspicuous.

ZEX Nitrous Oxide Systems

Another leader in the market is ZEX. Known for their purple bottle, they constantly have research and development working to continue to increase the safety and performance of nitrous oxide applications. They also offer upgraded components such as spark plugs and controllers, which are compatible with their nitrous kits.
People enjoy being able to get all the necessary parts in one stop. Reviewers also comment positively on the easy install and terrific gain in power. And don’t forget that flashy purple bottle everyone seems to love.

NX Nitrous Express

Nitrous Express may not be as well-known as our first two, but customers trust them nonetheless. This company is very customer service based and many who patronize them continue to do so because of this. They are also said to have great quality nitrous oxide systems that look clean and impressive under the hood. Nitrous Express is also always improving upon and developing new systems with a focus on safety and performance.


For some, the price and hassle of implementing supercharger or turbocharger is just too much. Thus, they look to a quick power boost through the use of a nitrous oxide system. Others install a nitrous oxide system to improve upon their turbo or supercharger because it eliminates the low rpm lag they inherently come with. Whatever your application, if you want a thrill that will not break your wallet, a nitrous oxide system may be the right choice for you.

How much performance increase have you gained by using nitrous oxide? Do you prefer a nitrous oxide system over a turbo or supercharger? Leave us with your thoughts, questions, and experiences.

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The post Centrifugal Supercharger: Why Have One and the Options Available appeared first on]]> When you’re looking to add some power to your engine, you have a few options available. One option is to install a centrifugal supercharger to give your vehicle the ability to burn more fuel resulting in that added power.

There are three types of super chargers: roots type, centrifugal, and screw type. In this article we will look specifically at the centrifugal type and see what benefits you can gain from this power install.

How Does a Centrifugal Supercharger Work?

A stock engine will limit you to the standard amount of air intake which limits the power you are able to reach. In order to achieve more power under the hood, you must increase the amount of fuel burned. However, in order to do so you cannot just push more gas to the engine, you must increase the amount of oxygen to efficiently burn the added fuel and keep the air/fuel ratio at a point where there is perfect balance. This is called a “stoichiometric fuel ratio.”

Without balance in the air/fuel ratio, your vehicle will run too rich (too much fuel) or too lean (too much air and not enough fuel). Having an improper ratio can cause a vehicle to blow out excessive smoke and exhaust or cause it to not start or run at all.

By creating and using natural centrifugal force, this specialized type of supercharger has the ability to force a greater amount of oxygen into the engine. When you increase the airflow in the engine it allows more fuel to be pushed into the engine as well resulting in amplified power output.

In a nutshell, the centrifugal supercharger is driven by the engine’s crankshaft. It brings air in through the inlet port which is then hit by a rotating impeller that creates the centrifugal force to compress it and pushes the air into the engine where it will have the ability to burn more fuel and create a greater amount of explosions.

The general placement of a centrifugal supercharger is on the front of the engine by a strong bracket. It will attach to the engines crankshaft via belt or gear-drive.

General Specifications

  • Intensifies the force of the entering air to the engine;
  • Creates boost at generally 3000 rpm;
  • Belt driven off the crankshaft;
  • Compresses air using fins that rotate on a “fan” to create centrifugal force;
  • Front engine placement with an attachment bracket;
  • Impeller speeds of 40,000 – 60,000 rotations per minute;
  • You can likely expect a 250 to 500 horsepower gain;
  • Generally a 7 pound gain in boost (more if you strengthen internal engine components).

PROs and Cons of Centrifugal Supercharger Tuning


  • More economically priced than other types;
  • Safety: Centrifugal superchargers build power linearly giving you a boost at higher rpms. This makes it easier to control in wet types of weather
  • Because the torque gradually builds, it is easier on internal components;
  • Lack of turbocharger lag: Since there is some power being slowly created at all rpms, it increases the power band more evenly which pretty much eradicates any lag similar to what is seen in a turbo;
  • Does not usually need modifications to keep it and the engine cool because of higher temps;
  • Less complicated to run;
  • Easier to install than other power gaining applications and other supercharger types.


  • Parasite syndrome: Since the centrifugal supercharger runs off the crankshaft, you lose a bit of horsepower to run it. However, the gain outweighs the loss and still makes it worth it.
  • Linear power build up: Even though this is a pro, for some, it can also be a con. You will not feel a boost at lower rpms.
  • Smallest amount of boost compared to other types
  • Whine: These types of superchargers can sometimes create a whining that some find annoying. However, others like the noise it emits. So I guess the pro or con label is up to your preferences on this one.

Examples of Centrifugal Supercharger Parts


Vortech is a top ranking name in the market. They set industry standards with their huge selection and are known as the top seller in the business. Their quality is second-to-none and they boast the finest manufacturing facility in the industry. Their superior systems are adept at producing incredibly high boost output levels and have reigned as king for many years on the race track.

Reviewers have much to rave about including the ability to upgrade, extreme performance levels, reliability, and quality they have experienced form this brand. They also like the option of SQ (super quiet) compressors which reduce the typical whine.

ATI ProCharger

ProCharger is a well-established and known to be a leader in the centrifugal supercharger market. They have a reputation for high quality systems that are able to put out high levels of boost. They’re also known for their belief in the benefit of intercooling a system and include an intercooler in almost every package they sell. They also manufacture two of the only gear-driven systems available.

Reviewers give this brand high marks for easy installation, high performance, and the ability to upgrade its compressor. They also enjoy the self-contained system options which eliminate the need to tap the oil pan.

Powerdyne Centrifugal Superchargers

Powerdyne Automotive is a popular brand because of its low cost superchargers. They are known as one of the few manufacturers on the market to make self-contained systems.

Reviewers love this self-contained system brand which eliminates the need for tapping the oil pan. They speak highly for the great value received at such a low cost. Added benefits enjoyed are Powerdyne’s complete system packages which require little to no added modifications and a super quiet belt drive.

Summing Up

Superchargers are a great way to soup up your vehicle giving it some extra punch. Of the three types, roots, screw, and centrifugal, the centrifugal reins in the top spot as a safe, economical way to get that boost. Perfect for your daily driver, a centrifugal supercharger needs little to no mods and is easy on your internal system.

If you have an experience you would like to leave for other readers to benefit from, please do. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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The post Adding an Electric Supercharger: Is It a Good Idea to Have One? appeared first on]]> You may add an electric supercharger to your vehicle at any time, and it will add quite a lot of power to your vehicle that cannot be found within the engine itself. Most people recognize the supercharger from the distinctive whine that it creates in known models around the world. One lovely sound that you might just want to add to your own vehicle. This article will talk you through the selection and installation of an electric supercharger, and you will see quite a lot of good comes from bringing more value to the vehicle.

Electric superchargers differ from normal ones because they have an internal electric motor which doesn’t drain your horsepower as much as a typical supercharger. When you choose to include a supercharger your vehicle, and you will find it quite helpful to add it to a car that already has quite a bit of power. You will see a V6 or V8 perk up immediately at the sight of a supercharger, and it may be vented through a hood attachment that makes your car more beautiful to behold.

How Does a Supercharger Work?

The supercharger in your vehicle uses some horsepower from the engine to spin up a motor that will infuse power into the engine. The spools will force air into the system that is far more dense and fast than the air coming through the grill, and you will feel the power come through the vehicle when you press the pedal. The spools in the supercharger may a sound that will whine as you drive, and you must ensure you have installed it in any vehicle.

The supercharger you install in your vehicle must be fitted to match your engine, and you can select from a number of models that are created to suit your car. You are adding quite a lot of power to the vehicle, and you must ensure you know how much power is added when the supercharger is chosen. It is connected using a kit that generally purchasable with the device, and you may have a mechanic set it up for you.

The General Specifications

  • Superchargers are built to spool air, and they are quite large.
  • They require a vent that will help them take in more air.
  • You must find one that will fit your vehicle comfortably.
  • The kit comes with all the connections you need for the device.
  • You can measure the amount of horsepower offered after it is installed.

Each electric supercharger is the same in its basic makeup, and you must have a look at specifics on each device before making a purchase of what may be several thousand dollars.

The Pros And Cons of Electric Superchargers

Electric supercharger units have their ups and downs, and you must look at each device as a blessing that may have some issues. You will learn through research which device to purchase, and you will learn through study how to avoid cons that are present. Before you purchase a supercharger, you must understand what is good and bad about each device first.


  • An electric supercharger add quite a lot of power to your engine.
  • They use air to ensure they are powered up, and there is very little power needed from the engine to run them.
  • They look beautiful while peeking out from the hood scoop.
  • They add value to your car you may not find anywhere.


  • An electric supercharger is quite large, and it may not fit your vehicle properly.
  • You might find it hard to obtain the budget to purchase a new supercharger.
  • Superchargers may add too much power to your engine.
  • Vehicles may be difficult to control when you have a supercharger running at full-speed.

Examples Of Electric Superchargers

Roush F-150 Supercharger Kit

The Rouch F-150 supercharger is a copy of the unit used in stock cars every year on the NASCAR circuit, and it will help add power to a vehicle that has a large engine for towing capacity. You will increase the amount of torque you get out of the vehicle when attaching the supercharger, and you may turn your F-150 into a powerful road machine that will cruise at high speeds.

Weiand Blower Street Supercharger

The Weiand blower supercharger is one of the largest available, and it will sit atop your engine as if it is its own engine. You will receive countless power from the supercharger when it is attached to your car. Now you’ll be able to drive it at high speeds on the road like you never have before. You may not know the great power of the vehicle you are driving today, but you will feel it when the torque meets the road.

Edelbrock Supercharger

Edelbrock is a name that has been synonymous with performance for decades, and they make a beautiful electric supercharger you may fit to your vehicle. You have the confidence of the long tradition of the company, and they will help you ensure you are enjoying your drives on the road of today. Find an open space where you can  spin up the spools in the supercharger, and you will hear the engine whine its way to life.


The electric supercharger you are using will help you drive your car faster, gain more power and feel torque meeting the road in a way that you cannot find in a standard vehicle. You may add to the vehicle at any time, and you will note the distinct difference between what you are driving today and what you will drive when the supercharger is fitted. The devices must be installed by professionals, and they will give you quite a lot of joy as you drive down the highway. You will hear them working, and you may notice the car has a new feel that comes through the steering wheel that will change your enjoyment of driving.

The post Adding an Electric Supercharger: Is It a Good Idea to Have One? appeared first on]]> 0 Wed, 18 Jan 2017 07:59:46 +0000 If you are looking to take your ride to the next level in speed and performance, you may decide to start looking into a supercharger install. Superchargers can really help you break free of your limited stock horsepower and torque, turning your vehicle into the asphalt warrior showroom level models can only wish to live […]

The post Installing Superchargers on your Car: Info, Tips, and Options appeared first on]]> If you are looking to take your ride to the next level in speed and performance, you may decide to start looking into a supercharger install. Superchargers can really help you break free of your limited stock horsepower and torque, turning your vehicle into the asphalt warrior showroom level models can only wish to live up to.

The following article will help you understand the best way to optimize your system with all the tips and information you will ever need to really get your ride flying.

How Does a Supercharger Work?

Ever since the development of a traditional engine, many people have been tweaking and modifying their engines in an attempt to create more power. Enthusiasts, race car designers, and engineers have realized that it is possible to get more torque and speed. One method in which to accomplish this would be to increase the overall size of your motor. However, this presents a few problems. A larger engine means that your maintenance increases and ends up costing you a pretty penny. They are also heavy creating a drag, which is something you do not want, especially if you are racing and looking to increase speed.

A second method for a boost in power is to add a supercharger. Since you want a bigger explosion of force from your engine, your goal would be to get more fuel to the combustion chamber to help create it. However, you need the proper amount of air in there in order to burn the fuel. Superchargers increase the efficiency in your engine by forcing air into the combustion chamber. Adding air to your combustion allows your vehicle to add more fuel as well. The addition of more fuel gives you a bigger bang in the chamber and in turn that burst of horsepower you’re looking for. A stock engine is limited to the predetermined air/fuel ratio called “static compression.” With the addition of a supercharger, the ratio is turned into what is known as an “effective compression ratio” allowing the boost to work with the compression ratio to create more power.

General Specifications

Three basic types: Roots, Centrifugal, Screw

  • Works using the crankshaft via a belt;
  • Compression ratio of 7.0:1 to 9.0:1;
  • 4 to 7 psi in boost levels: This range has demonstrated to be the best balance between added power and dependability;
  • 4500-5000 rpm should not be exceeded when you are using stock pistons. If you drive your vehicle higher, you may end up with a failure in your pistons. To exceed this, a piston upgrade is needed.

PROs and CONs of Supercharger Tuning

As with anything, there is always a double edged sword that brings advantages and disadvantages to the table. Superchargers are not immune to that. Here is a comprehensive list to the pros and cons of adding that new part to your engine.

The Pros

  • Increase in overall horsepower: A fast solution to wanting to add 50 to 100 percent more power to any engine can be accomplished quickly by installing a supercharger.
  • Absence of lag: A supercharger uses the engines crankshaft to get its drive. Thus, there is an immediate delivery of power.
  • Good delivery of power even at lower RPMs.
  • Price: Increasing horsepower can lead to expensive mods. Superchargers offer a cost effective way to pump up the power.

The Cons

  • Driven by a crankshaft: Though the crankshaft gives a supercharger the advantage of immediate power, this same feature creates a disadvantage. Because it is the crankshaft that drives the part, it must steal some of the engine’s horsepower to power itself. This can sometimes be as much as 20 percent. However, the trade-off is usually worth it since a supercharger can give as much as a 46 percent gain in horsepower.
  • Engine strain: Adding to the expense, often times, an engine will need to be buffed up in order to effectively deal with the additional strain put on it by a supercharger’s added boost and explosions.
  • Higher grade gas: Higher octane and premium gas is suggested when using a supercharger which increases the cost to run the vehicle.

Examples of Supercharger Parts

Edelbrock Superchargers

Edelbrock has become a top name in superchargers as well as other performance parts. They are reliable, durable, and efficient. The offer three tiers for every level of need including: Street systems for emissions legal every day drivers, Track Systems for competition racing, and Professional Tuner systems for racers who are looking to further customize their machines. Edelbrock secures high star ratings across the board.

ProCharger Superchargers

Another top rated brand is ProCharger. Top reviews claim they are exceptionally reliable and powerful for both track and street applications. The brand itself claims to be able to deliver the most power and torque available due to its intercooled system. It also provides better engine longevity because of its low charge chambers. Virgin poured aircraft grade aluminum castings are treated to T-6 hardness and their super precision bearings make for super high quality parts with a higher speed/load rating. This brand uses the same technology they provide to boat manufacturers where the environment is extremely taxing on parts.

Paxton Superchargers

Paxton brand chargers do not have as high reviews as the previous two brands. However, if you are looking for affordability this may be the way to go. Reviewers state that if properly installed and maintained, they have gotten plenty of power from this mid-range supercharger.


No matter if you are a speed junkie or a professional racer; you will likely want to find some method to give your engine that added boost and torque. A supercharger is a quick, efficient, and economical way to achieve that goal. Increasing your fuel/air ratio to a possible 50 to 100 percent boost in performance and speed, it is definitely something to look into. Even with some of the minor disadvantages, the improvement you find that comes from adding this piece of equipment to your engine far outweighs them. There are many options available on the market to suit your specific needs.

Which type of supercharger is best at performance? Which is most efficient? What is your favorite brand of supercharger? If you have any comments you would like to leave for others reading this article, feel free to add any insight and experiences.

The post Installing Superchargers on your Car: Info, Tips, and Options appeared first on]]> 0 Wed, 11 Jan 2017 11:54:39 +0000 Performance exhaust is an integral part of a performance vehicle, and you must ensure you have looked over the parts specifications before making a purchase. You may purchase parts that will help you tune the exhaust system, and this article explains how you will find the parts you need. Alternatively, you can also purchase a […]

The post Performance Exhaust 101: General Info, Tips, and Options appeared first on]]> Performance exhaust is an integral part of a performance vehicle, and you must ensure you have looked over the parts specifications before making a purchase. You may purchase parts that will help you tune the exhaust system, and this article explains how you will find the parts you need. Alternatively, you can also purchase a single part that will help the exhaust run efficiently, or even change the system completely. Read over each item to find the information you need about your next tune-up.

How Does Performance Exhaust Work?

Performance exhaust is a change to your exhaust pipes that will help tune the note of the exhaust, force the exhaust from the car faster, and allow for a better fuel mixture in the engine. Gases that are not forced from the car fast enough sit in the injection system, and they will slow the car’s performance. You cannot reach the maximum number of horsepower you are to have when the exhaust is poor.

You will install a performance exhaust system because you wish to tune the engine note that comes out of the car. You may purchase a device that will change the note when needed, or include a new exhaust pipe because you must improve the performance of the engine. Any vehicle with a massive engine must have a better exhaust system, and it’s possible to have it installed by a local mechanic who understands your vehicle.

General Specification For Exhaust Tuning

The exhaust system you select for your vehicle must be sized for the vehicle. You may choose from a number of brands that will serve you well, and you must find the pipes are fitted for your vehicle. Someone who is searching for the exhaust tuners will search for those matched to their vehicle, or search for one with a specific measurement. Either way, it’s important to look over the pros and cons of each item. Am online purchase might save you money, but make sure you’ve got the right part for your car.

Pros And Cons Of Exhaust Tuning Devices


  • You will force gases from the engine faster to improve performance.
  • You will hear an engine note that is pleasing to the ear.
  • New exhaust systems are far more efficient than older systems.


  • Exhaust systems may be outside your budget when you are shopping.
  • You may not have someone with enough expertise in your area to fit the system. You must have a professional do a complete tune-up when installing any exhaust system you purchase.
  • The systems may not sound the way you wish when they are installed, and you cannot know until you have them fitted.

Examples Of Performance Exhaust Parts

You may select a number of different performance parts, and you will find each listed here to be quite helpful for you. Everyone who is shopping for performance parts may use these as a starting point, and you will see some that may fit your vehicle. Manufacturers of performance parts have several sizes to choose from, and they will change when you are on the website. Select the make and model of your vehicle, and you will see something that is perfect for your vehicle.

Ford Mustang Roush Exhaust System

You may use the Roush system when you wish to hear the sound of a muffler from a stock car. The Roush team is one of the best in the sport, and using their parts makes it quite fun to drive. You will hear the power in the muffler, and you will notice the car powers itself much more cleanly. Simlply purchase and install the system for a better, more refined sound coming from your engine.

Borla Stinger S-Type Exhaust

The Borla Stinger will help you when you wish to fit something to the car that sounds a bit dirtier than what you have now. Someone who is looking for a way to enhance the performance of their vehicle must use the exhaust system to increase air flow through the exhaust. You will hear the difference in the vehicle when you are driving, and it will be most pronounced when you are looking for an exhaust for a vehicle that runs a V8 that is already quite loud.

Ford Loudmouth Axle Back Exhaust

The Loudmouth makes the sound you believe it does, and it is a lovely piece of equipment that you will admire even before it is installed. The device will help you improve the power coming from the engine, and you must ensure you have used the Loudmouth when you want everyone to know you are coming. Someone who has a loud vehicle today will shout through the hills with the Loudmouth is installed.

Aero Exhaust Aero Turbine Resonated Performance Muffler

The Aero Turbine muffler will help you hear the whine of an engine that is zooming down the road at speeds you are not accustomed to. You may add it to any vehicle you like, and there are several sizes to fit the vehicles you are driving. Someone who is using a tuned muffler will find the pitch consistent from one vehicle to another, and you will quite enjoy hearing a new sound come from the engine. Ask your mechanic to fit the muffler today, and they will show you greater performance than you have ever seen.

Summing Up

You must ensure you have selected the proper performance exhaust parts for your vehicles, and you will note how simple it is to use the parts once they are installed by a professional. The car will be tuned to accept the new exhaust system, and you will hear a new rumble come from the vehicle that you may not be familiar with. Every step you take to improve the performance of your vehicle will help you feel more power coming from the engine when you press your foot to the gas on the highway.

The post Performance Exhaust 101: General Info, Tips, and Options appeared first on]]> 0 Wed, 04 Jan 2017 11:33:29 +0000 Fuel injectors are an incredible invention that help engines use their fuel more efficiently. The engine will take the fuel that was spit into the valves, ignite it and run. The engine runs more effectively when it is using the fuel well, and this article explains how a fuel injector will help your engine run […]

The post Fuel Injector Tuning Explained: Info, Tips, and Options appeared first on]]> Fuel injectors are an incredible invention that help engines use their fuel more efficiently. The engine will take the fuel that was spit into the valves, ignite it and run. The engine runs more effectively when it is using the fuel well, and this article explains how a fuel injector will help your engine run better.

You may get quite a lot of performance out of an engine, and you will learn quickly that your vehicle may have been missing many horsepower in the absence of a proper fuel injector.

How Do Fuel Injectors Work?

The fuel injector in your vehicle takes the fuel from the pump, shoots it into the cylinders in the engine and the engine will fire the fuel. The injector is much more efficient than a carburetor, and you will notice you have more power in the vehicle once it is running. The fuel injectors you choose will be fitted for the size of the cylinders in your vehicle, and you must ensure you have it installed properly to allow for optimal fuel usage.

You gain quite a few advantages when you are using fuel injectors, and you may have them installed quite easily. They use far less space in the engine bay, and you will find them in a number of styles for your vehicle. You may purchase a fuel injector that was designed for performance, or you may purchase one that was made for standard vehicles. Each fuel injector uses the same hose to move fuel into the engine, and you may bring it to a mechanic for installation at any time.

How Are the Parts Constructed?

Fuel injectors are small pieces of machinery that are used in the engine bay to move fuel at high velocity into the cylinders. You must purchase fuel injectors that were built from the most-modern materials, and you will find products that are made from the same materials as your engine. Matching materials to the engine will ensure the finest performance, and you must purchase injectors that are matched to your vehicle.

It’s possible to search online by your make and model, or you may search for the specific trim package on your vehicle. There is a fuel injector you may purchase, and it will serve your vehicle well. One must search online diligently, and you will find a number of injectors that will help you keep your vehicle running well.

The Pros and Cons of Fuel Injectors

First, one must consider the pros and cons before making a purchase, and you will find it quite interesting to compare and contrast each product. You cannot blindly install a fuel injector in your car without looking over what it will do for you. Depending on your preference, you may find the fuel injectors to be useful, or they may spoil the sound of the engine.


  • Fuel injectors will make your vehicle far more efficient. You will improve your gas mileage, and you will note a difference in the power of the vehicle when fuel is mixed with air faster.
  • The fuel injector is easy to install, and they are quite simple to replace. They are far-preferable to carburetors when you are repairing them.
  • Fuel injectors can be used in any car you like, and they can be swapped with the carburetor at any time.


  • It’s possible to lose that sound of the engine you love when using fuel injectors.
  • It’s not possible to remove it.
  • The fuel injectors may not be fitted for your car, and they will not be efficient if they do not match the make or model

Examples Of Performance Fuel Injectors

Bostech Fuel Injector

You may use a Bostech fuel injector when you are searching for a basic piece of equipment that will make the vehicle more efficient. You may use the injector as a replacement, or you may purchase the injector as part of your new system. As your mechanic how they feel about the product, and they will install the new device for you.

BMW Fuel Injector Kit

You may replace the kit in your car with a new set from BMW, and you may find it quite simple to purchase a kit for another make of car. You must have every part of the system available to you when you are completing the installation, or you may order the kit through your mechanic. They will fit into your car, and you may order the set from someone who understands how to install it on your behalf.

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Fuel Injector Kit

Diesel vehicles with a fuel injector will use fuel more slowly than ever, and you may have a new set installed in your vehicle at any time. Using the powerstroke diesel set in your Ford truck will help the engine sip fuel while you are on the road. You must ensure you have selected the powerstroke diesel model year that is appropriate for your vehicle, and you may have the injectors replaced at any time when you visit a mechanic for assistance.


It’s possible to purchase any fuel injectors you like, and each of them will help you save money that you need for other parts on your vehicle. The truck or car will become quite a lot more efficient because you are using fuel injectors, and you may add a system that runs fuel injection over a carburetor. Make your selection wisely, and you will have a fuel injector that uses your fuel slowly, makes the vehicle more powerful.

The post Fuel Injector Tuning Explained: Info, Tips, and Options appeared first on]]> 0 Mon, 10 Oct 2016 10:04:36 +0000 Sports cars have been trying to set themselves apart from one another for a long time. The Porsche 997 has managed to, but you can make your vehicle stand out even more through Porsche 997 mods. The car benefits from an iconic front appearance. All of the things that make it a gem among other […]

The post Porsche 997 Mods: Cabriolet, Targa, Turbo appeared first on]]> Sports cars have been trying to set themselves apart from one another for a long time. The Porsche 997 has managed to, but you can make your vehicle stand out even more through Porsche 997 mods. The car benefits from an iconic front appearance. All of the things that make it a gem among other gems can be evidenced even better. If you’re here, we like to believe that you think the same thing.

Porsche 997 Overview

The 997 is also commonly known as Porsche 911 or Porsche Carrera. Of course, this isn’t precisely the most technical of aliases. The 997 is rather the internal designation of the 911 rather than a synonym. The Carrera is even more of a distinct identity.

The 997 managed to set quite a trademark in terms of stylization choices by opting to release 2-door body styles. They became available for the coupe, convertible, Targa, and Speedster. In terms of engine, the 997 stayed loyal to the Flat-6, alternating with the Flat-6 TT.


Design plays a really important part in the legacy of the Carrera. The 997 upped many things that now, in hindsight, we realize its predecessor, the 996, lacked. Porsche made the wheels bigger, setting them up for a standard of 18 inches. Its rear bodywork is 3.5 inches wider than the one of the previous model. Of course, some may make the claim that the thing that the 996 lacked most was the oval headlights. Porsche definitely realized this and decided to reintroduce them with separate indicator units.

The same headlights underwent further changes with the release of the second generation. Porsche gave the headlamps an optional package with dual HID projectors. Moreover, the model had new LED turnsignals and a new LED taillamp shape.

Notable Models


The cabriolet marked a premiering turning point for Porsche, who decided to gear its efforts towards the production of the cabriolet first. The 997 cabriolet’s design and engineering dictated the formula of the follow-up coupe. Their reasoning was very reliant on a logic that would eventually grant the coupe more rigidity. They concluded that they could start with the toughest challenges of the cabriolet. As a result of the chassis stiffness, the coupe would be more rigid too.

Cabriolet versions attained more weight, but they strangely managed to maintain an equal performance level with the coupe. 997 cabriolets came with an optional hardtop which took the encapsulating mantle from the canvas top. The same hardtop is also available for wintertime.


The Targa, Targa 4, and 4S and recurring presences in the 997 line-up. Compared to previous models, this particular one stands out through the modifications that took place in the suspension area. Strangely enough, we can owe this to the upgraded glass roof and hatch, present on past models too. Unlike the Carrera models, however, the roof weighs an additional of 132 lb, forcing Porsche to modify the suspension. Drivers can open the roof at any speed, dropping it 25 mm. It then slides a meter underneath the hatch.

The 997 Targa does have some big downfalls. For starters, it’s only available as a 4-wheel-drive compared to the other past versions. And because of the all-wheel-transmission and heavy rooftop, they’re also exponentially slower in comparison to the Carrera models. All in all, the biggest difference lies in suspension, which is why you’ll need to be extra mindful of the suspension Porsche 977 mods.


The Turbo is one of the most high-performance models in the Porsche 997 portfolio. It made its first appearance in 2006, at the Geneva Motor Show. Visitors there could observe the new front bumper and the LED turn signal strips. More, there were some other novel details such as larger air vents or returning elements: the retractable rear wing of the 996 Turbo.

Upon a closer and more in-depth look, you can stumble upon the turbochargers, equipped with a two-stage resonance intake system. The engine of the Turbo is a pretty interesting element to analyze, but we’re going to save on the details and delve into them another time. For the kind of Porsche 997 mods we’re going to list up later, it’s the basics that you should keep an eye out for.

And speaking of Porsche 997 mods, it’s time to get right into the business. Let’s discover how we can improve and make these three pure-blooded 997 models the best version of themselves.

Porsche 997 Mods: WHEELS

Let’s start with why we recommend paying attention to the wheels and investing to the best of your possibilities in them. Fans of the Porsche 997 lineup don’t often have any complaints to share regarding the wheels. In fact, most praise them. But, naturally, this is something that can vary from one situation to another so, in fact, there are no perfect wheels. The factory ones are moderate to good, but you CAN make your wheels great.

Even from the perspective of a passerby with no particular baggage of car knowledge, wheels matter. From the outside, they’re virtually the trademark of the vehicle and they can really contribute to the overall aesthetic and vibe. From the inside, their influence grows even more. The right kind of aftermarket set of wheels can make a big difference in the performance gauge of your 997.

Since we mentioned “right” kind of wheels, don’t go thinking it’s that easy to find manufacturers to suit your needs. Porsche wheels are a bit of a tricky business. We have the rear engine and loony bolt pattern to thank for all these complications. Fortunately, we’re trying to help narrow down the search by detailing on the main manufacturer which can cater to the delicate needs of Porsche owners.

HRE Performance Wheels

HRE is definitely one of the most reliable names in the automobile industry. The company has been performing on this market for years now, producing wheels for tracking, touring, and luxury cars alike. Even today, they continue to innovate by discovering and putting to use new technologies. One example is the fact that they’ve expanded to offer new kinds of free-form wheels. Interestingly, it’s what we recommend for your Porsche 997 mods list too.

For either of the three aforementioned models, the FF01 FreeForm HRE Performance Wheels are the most suited. Though we do need to mention that they’d make the best fit on a Turbo.

Features (as found on the HRE website):

  • Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty and 2 Year Finish Warranty;
  • 19″ wheels starting at $625/each;
  • State of the art flow formed wheel;
  • Euro, Asian, & American fitments;
  • Standard color options are Liquid Silver and Tarmac with optional & custom powder coat colors available;
  • Starting at 22lbs each;
  • TÜV, VIA and JWL certification.

Porsche 997 Mods: SUSPENSION

No one’s denying the mastery of the engineering experts behind Porsche’s suspension. Opting for a set of Porsche 997 mods merely completes what’s already considered good. Above all that, though, it can create the perfect environment for a personalized driving experience. The adjustments at suspension level can help with excess wheel gaps, but they can also give drivers a better grasp of their vehicle.

Just like in the case of the wheels, the delicate nature of the rear engine makes any suspension alterations a bit more complex. What you need to do first and foremost is to determine what kind of changes you want to make in the suspension. It might sound like basic knowledge, but there are so many Porsche 997 mods for your suspension that they can completely change the outcome if you don’t purchase one with a clearly-defined goal in mind.

So, it’s crucial that you inform yourself about the difference that every piece can make to your suspension. Next, we’re only going to throw in our own two cents regarding what we believe to be the best suspension Porsche 997 mod.

GMG World Challenge Springs for Porsche 997.1

These models are still relatively new and they’re probably the best of what lowering springs have to offer. Lowering springs are by far your best shot at modding up your suspension. But with these GMG springs, you will be able to acquire pieces that are designed to work with your factory strut.

Features (as found on the GMG website):

  • Matched spring rates for PASM dampers.
  • Direct replacement spring set no modifications needed to vehicle.
  • 1″ drop front and rear.
  • GMG/Eibach springs are manufactured to higher than ISO 9001 standards.
  • Absolutely NO SAGGING with our springs.
  • Each spring set is matched ensuring consistent spring rates.
  • Eibach springs are TUV approved.

Porsche 997 Mods: PERFORMANCE

Performance is a pretty broad term, so you can be certain that there are plenty of methods through which you can tune your 997 and make it much more powerful. The difference is in the little details, so changing a piece a non-car expert might consider insignificant can make a drastic difference. Find examples below.


Porsche is famous for its particular way of dealing with intakes. Restricting them, they manage to control the output of their engines. Increase your intake’s flow rate and you’ll also be able to increase horsepower. For intake, we recommend the Porsche 997.2 Carrera Carbon Fiber Competition Intake System by Fabspeed.

Features (as found on the Fabspeed website):

  • Fits all Porsche 997.2 Carrera vehicles 2009-2011;
  • Improves power by 16 whp and 14 ft-lbs of torque at 5500rpm;
  • Includes dual dry-style air filters which do not require oiling; simply wash with warm water and re-use;
  • Intake constructed from genuine carbon fiber;
  • Direct bolt-on replacement for the factory air box;
  • Fabspeed Lifetime Limited Warranty.


To make your car “breathe,” look no further than AWE, a company renowned on the automobile market for their high-performance and top-notch exhaust systems. To end up with balanced results on your hand, we recommend the AWE Exhaust for the Porsche 997.1 911 Turbo.

Features (as found on the AWE website):

  • Power and precision;
  • +24 crank hp, +30 crank tq gains;
  • Dyno developed;
  • Exquisite sound;
  • Extraordinary power;
  • Perfect fitment – guaranteed;


If you stumbled upon this piece of writing seeking a piece of advice for the world of Porsche 997 mods, we hope your questions have been answered. Wheels, suspension, and performance upgrades are always the perfect place to start. Remember to check that our recommended pieces are compatible and cater to your vision for your 997.

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The post Top Audi S4 Exhausts For Your B8 appeared first on]]> Some people may argue that everything that made the Audi A4 good then became better when the high performance variant, the S4, showed up. Even if it may seem lackluster when placed in comparison with some of the A4’s fortes, you can fill these gaps with Audi S4 exhausts. Anyone who’s given a peek through the exhaust system of a S4 B8 can confirm that it’s not its strongest suit.

Regardless of these aspects, the fact that the S4 is a “high performance” version of the classic executive compact A4 still stands. It just performs better. Can it be even better? Of course. No car is perfect. Luckily, it’s nothing out of the grasp of the average car owner.

About The B8

The B8, also known as Typ 8K, is the fifth generation of the Audi S4 series line-up. Developers starting outlining the materialization of the B8’s concept sometime in 2008, putting it officially up for purchase in 2009. The B8 has been in production in-between 2008 and 2016.

Since all S4s are direct ramifications of the A4s, the design and foundation of this S4 generation were both extensions of the Audi B8 A4. The first difference that set the B8 apart from its previous B7 and B6 was the compression of the offer itself. Unlike the other aforementioned models, it would only be available in two body styles. The four-door five-seat sedan/saloon and the five-door five-seat Avant (wagon). As for the cabriolet, Audi didn’t drop it entirely. They geared their creativity toward the Audi S5 cabriolet instead, as well as the new coupe.

Engine Switch

Audi made what was considered at the time a bold transition, swapping the 4.2 liter V8 engine that was equipped on the previous B6 and B7. In its place came the smaller supercharged 3.0 liter TFSI V6 engine. It didn’t take too long before this 3-liter V6 became a staple of the fifth generation and a trademark of the mastery of Audi. It became a famous component which managed to complement the classic 6-speed gearbox and the S-Tronic DSG transmission alike. It’s not exactly easy to manage to create something that can partner up so well with so many transmission types.

The past B6 and B7 models managed to top the North American preference lists with their 4.2 litre V8. It managed to compete and to step ahead of its sister A4’s 3.2L V6 and 4-cylinder 2.0T. The V8 went for a long time head-to-head against BMW’s M3, which sported at the time a high-rev 3.2 L inline 6.

The B8, on the other hand, had the 3.0 TFSI V6. It replaced the 3.2 litre FSI V6 and took the mantle of upgrade engine in 2009, for the lineups of both the A4 and the A6. The 3.2 and the 3.0 were a pair for the longest time, being offered together until the end of 2010. All models in the A4 models from 2011 have since been “stripped” of the 3.2L V6.

The Problem With The OEM

It’s likely due to the effort they put into perfecting the V6 that Audi managed to release a somewhat underwhelming and subdued exhaust. Despite the nature of the car, full throttle can really take its toll on Audi A4 exhausts, which ends up sounding strained. This is understandably upsetting to the ears of any car enthusiast who doesn’t want their vehicle to sound like it’s being tortured.

But the worst aspect of the OEM is the fact that it restricts something that it’s specifically not allowed to restrict: power. The OEM is heavy and intrusive. Let’s not mention that the design has the pipes looking too small for great quad exits. With a slightly more inspired design choice, the exhaust pipes could have contributed to the aggressive look of the B8 and increased it exponentially.

You can fix all of these problems by using the right kinds of Audi S4 exhausts. What exactly does “the right kind” mean, anyway? It mostly depends on budget, features, and what the car owner is looking for. This is why we’re going to go ahead and recommend more Audi S4 exhausts that you can purchase and install to make your car run smoother.

#1 AWE Tuning Audi S4 Exhausts

AWE Tuning is in for the performance boost of your car, as they proudly claim on their website. The company planted its roots in 1991 and since then, it’s been amassing expert researchers, engineers, and innovators under its belt. Their handcrafted products, Audi S4 exhausts especially, have earned accolades and awards on the international automobile market. Some of their finest builds are track-tested carbon fiber intakes, performance intercoolers, and, of course, exhaust systems. Their official location is at New Jersey Motorsports Park and they offer free online tours to all visitors of their website.

The company has been catering to the needs of brands that are prominent names in the world of luxury automobiles. Admittedly, their collaborations have been rather inclined towards European VAG products. The best way to explain it is through examples, which are Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Audi.

The reason why AWE Tuning is so high up on the lists of Audi S4 exhausts of many different sources is for their relentless dedication. AWE doesn’t shy away from investing countless hours to perfect one single piece or car. Their commitment has helped them plummet to the top of the tops.

One of their many fortes is that they can appease both the owners thirsty for speed and casuals. They provide Touring and Track Editions, which are perfect for those wishing to polish the purr of their B8 and those wishing to set the racetracks ablaze, respectively.

AWE Tuning B8/B8.5 Audi S4 Exhausts

If you wish to hear out a recommendation, then definitely opt for the AWE Tuning B8/B8.5 Audi S4 Touring Edition Cat-Back Exhaust System. Available in Chrome Silver or Black Diamond Tips, these Audi A4 exhausts offer a range between 90 mm and 102 mm. This system will help you get rid entirely of the dull factory exhaust, replacing it from the catalytic converters to the quad exhaust tips.

List of features (according to the dealer’s website):

  • Gains of 8hp and 9tq at the crank;
  • Engineered, Designed, and Manufactured In-House at AWE Tuning;
  • Increased Pipe Diameter to 2.5″ to Better Let the Engine Exhale;
  • Available with 90mm or 102mm Double Walled Adjustable Tips in Chrome Silver or Diamond Black;
  • Hand-Crafted from T304 Stainless Steel;
  • Stainless Steel Center Muffler with OEM-Grade Stainless Steel Wool and German Composite Packing Material;
  • Perfect Fitment – Guaranteed;
  • Featuring the AWE Tuning Lifetime Exhaust Warranty.

#2 REMUS Audi S4 Exhausts

REMUS Innovation emerged in the world of automobiles in 1990. They’re the perfect definition of starting from the bottom and climbing to the top. In the earliest shape of the company, REMUS counted only five employees. Angelika Kresch, the CEO that has been guiding REMUS since the beginning, shares on their website the courage required to promote their business.

“We printed flyers and went to the IAA Automobile Show Frankfurt in September 1990,” reminiscences Kresch. “My husband promised potential customers a delivery schedule of just before Christmas, but we do not even have a production hall! I was under constant shock!”

REMUS prides itself with the top-notch and highly advanced technical and technological means of production. Audi S4 exhausts are among those. In order to shape up the exhausts and other parts that made them famous, they make use of latest technologies. They include hydro forming, laser cutting, and CNC controlled pipe bending machines. The company also manages to create an ideal balance between automatic and manual means of production, combining machine efficiency with a humane touch.

Top-notch acoustic, thermal, and mechanical properties are the elements that define the REMUS exhaust systems. The Audi S4 exhausts are definitely no exception and we have all the R&D department to thank for it. This Research and Development department was rebooted and reopened in 2002. Ever since, REMUS has been really preoccupied with uncovering all of the secrets of sound design. Because of the extra attention they’ve been paying to this aspect, they managed to achieve quite impressive feats.

Remus Sport Label Mufflers S4/S5 B8 3.0T

Just like before, we’ll throw in our two cents about which of the many Audi S4 exhausts available through REMUS are best for your S4. The Remus Sport Label Mufflers S4/S5 B8 3.0T for sedan and Avant body styles is probably the best pick.

You don’t need to look any further than these mufflers to understand why REMUS exhausts are all under the label “hot sound.” The previously mentioned impressive feats are best defined by how easy it is to tell apart REMUS Audi S4 exhausts from others. Exhaust systems bear a particular and unmistakable throaty roar, making them perfect for anyone wishing to hear the power.

List of features (taken from the dealer’s website):

  • Quality engineering and produced since 1990;
  • Made from high quality 304 stainless steel;
  • Performance increase in HP and torque;
  • Back pressure reduced up to 80% with the free flow design;
  • Easy installation using factory mounting points;
  • Slip on as well as bolt on systems;
  • Each system tuned perfectly to the car;
  • EC approved;
  • 3 year unlimited mileage manufacturers limited warranty.

Final Words

If you know where to look, you can discover a haven of Audi S4 exhausts for your car’s needs. As we all know, though, the more varied the offering, the harder it is to make a decision. We surely hope that we’ve made it easier to make a choice by providing what we believe to be the best of the best.

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