Everything You Should Know about Your Car Water Pump

If you are increasing torque and power by adding some performance parts to your build, there are smaller components to look at as well. Your car water pump may be something you forget about in the interim as you replace and upgrade parts.

A performance car water pump can help keep you running cool in more demanding scenarios such as street racing. They can provide an increase in flow at a higher velocity so that your engine block stays cooler. If you are trying to upgrade to a street machine, hot rod, or any other performance vehicle, you should definitely consider upgrading your water pump. This article will give you an overview of accomplishing that.

How Does a Water Pump Work?

  • When you think of the car water pump within your automobile, think of it as if it is the heart of your cooling system. Basically, its main function is to continuously circulate coolant through your system. Your car water pump receives power from the engine and typically runs by a belt and pulley system.
  • A shaft that contains an impeller receives the power from the engine causing it to spin. This spinning motion, operated by a sealed bearing, forces coolant through the system by means of passages in the engine block and head. As the coolant flows through the passages, it pulls heat away from the engine.
  • The hot fluid is pulled back to the radiator through rubber tubes. The hot liquid moves through the radiator tubes and is in turn cooled by the air coming in through the grill of your vehicle. Once the liquid has been cooled once more, it will be sent back to the engine to repeat the process again.
  • Along the route taken by the fluid, there is a thermostat that makes sure the coolant stays above a certain temperature. If it is not at the anticipated temperature, the thermostat will cause the vehicle to reroute the liquid past the radiator and straight back to the engine until it reaches the designated temperature. Once it reaches that temperature, the thermostat will open and allow the fluid to get to the radiator to get cooled.

The PROs and CONs of a Performance Car Water Pump


  • Higher flow rate and velocity to keep engine at its coolest;
  • Better cooling for modified vehicles who endure higher temps because of performance applications such as racing or pulling;
  • Prevents overheating;
  • Metal impellers that will make sure your vehicle’s system receives adequate pressure and volume at all speeds;
  • Some models will plug and play with your setup thus giving you fairly easy replacement;
  • Heavier duty construction compared to stock allowing it to stand up to more demanding conditions.


  • Some models will not fit directly into your vehicle without additional replacements such as a stock manifold or accessory brackets;
  • May need to purchase additional accessories in order to properly seat it. This can include longer bolts, aftermarket competition brackets;
  • Racing applications require a little more work to install properly.

3 Models of Performance Car Water Pump

Milodon 16225 Big Block Chevy Water Pump 1969-90 Engines

Milodon has been in the business of manufacturing performance parts for over 50 years. For 48 of those years, Milodon has been proud to provide products for both professional and amateur racers. Racers have come to know and look for Milodon products for their high caliber workmanship and horsepower. They are proud to say that their parts have been through tests to run faster, harder, and stronger for longer than others.

Customers recognize the incredible craftsmanship and come back for more when they need high quality parts that can stand up to their harsh driving conditions.

Edelbrock® – Victor-Pro™ Water Pump

Edelbrock has become a household name among gearheads and racers. For decades, Edelbrock has been catering to the need for performance parts. Since its inception, the company has grown to six locations across the United States. They do their own research and development and boast state of the art facilities. They have an extensive inventory of parts. Therefore, when you are going through a mod and come across something you forgot, they will have just what you need to complete it.

Customers love the extensive knowledge and trust in the long forged reputation Edelbrock has been come to be known for. The durability of the parts keep them coming back for more.

CVR Performance® – Proflo Maximum Electrical Water Pump

CVR Automotive Racing Products was founded in 1990 as a resource for racers, street rodders, and other enthusiasts. They carry some of the finest performance aftermarket components available. Also, they stand by their promise of quality. This means that they will never buy and repackage offshore parts that are not quality just to make a buck. They do all of their machining and design in house in Canada with the exception of sourcing from suppliers that are popular for high quality in the United States.

Customers say that the price range seems a little bit higher than some other companies. However, it is a price worth paying for the incredible quality you can see in each and every part. They were definitely manufactured to last and deal with harsh conditions.

Drawing to a Close

If you are racing your vehicle or putting more strain on its internal components, you will likely be replacing some key parts. However, do not overlook the little parts that help support those major components. Your water pump is one of those support parts. It helps keep things cool in those super hot conditions. A performance water pump will allow more flow and velocity to up the cooling rate to match the increase in heat.

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