8 Best Audi Repair Shops

When you’re in need of some reparations, modifications, and alterations for your beloved Audi vehicle… Who you gonna call? You’re going to hit up one of these Audi repair shops, of course. All jokes aside, we do know how difficult it can be to choose the right repair shop – not just for cars, but for anything in general. It’s rather baffling when you think about it. After all, aren’t you taking your busted car to reparations because it’s not doing so well to begin with? What else could possibly go wrong?

Never ask this kind of question, that’s for sure. It takes a skilled hand to fix a malfunctioning light, but an even more skilled hand to completely break it off by accident.

Naturally, repair shops aren’t exactly Hogwarts. It’s not just one of them (luckily) that we all flock to whenever we’re in need of some mending for our automobile disasters. There are tons of them and the fact that these are the Audio repair shops we’re talking about doesn’t exactly thin the numbers either.

So, for this list, we focused on the most prestigious Audi repair shops from the biggest cities and most notable locations in the USA. We hope you won’t need them for anything beyond some regular performance checks.


#1 Wizard Werks

  • 1210 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60607, b/t Racine Ave & Elizabeth St Near West Side, West Loop
  • http://wizardwerkschi.com


Wizard Werks mostly specializes in treating BMW’s, though they certainly don’t shy away from aiding owners of Mercedes Benz models, Japanese cars, Volkswagen vehicles and, obviously, Audi’s. They provide a lengthy list of repairing services and available tweaks, giving the mention that they’re all executed with manufacturer diagnostic tools mirroring those of the dealer.


The repair shop first opened its gates in 1996 and has been growing ever since, expanding on a particular attention given to BMW’s and European car models. Their trademark trait is the well-balanced price and service ratio, as they say, in a business “surrounded by mechanics who don’t know enough and dealers who charge too much.”


You know what? Pretty much all of the customers that have taken the time to drop reviews have confirmed the authenticity of the promises made by Wizard Werks. The price is definitely affordable, one of the main things that caught their attention, actually, and they also wanted to praise their effectiveness and the friendliness of the staff.

#2 Lincoln Park Import Service

  • 2220 N Clybourn, Chicago, IL 60614, b/t Webster Ave & Greenview Ave DePaul
  • http://lincolnparkimportservice.com/


As the name of the repair shop suggests, they take pride in being greatly focused on luxury import automobiles, some of the brands including Volkswagens, BMWs, Porsches, and Audis. Their facility is equipped with high quality state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technology. They are willing to perform a variety of repairs and interventions starting from routine general maintenance to much more complex issues.


The repair shop was established at the dawn of the 90s in 1991, starting off as a family business. And, endearingly enough, it continues to do so. With a foundation like this, there’s no wonder that they greatly value building long-lasting relationships with their customers. One of their goals is to meet the customers with an honest approach and to work toward exceeding their expectations.


Surprise, surprise, it seems like we have yet another example of Audi repair shops living up to their promises. Plenty of people have praised business owner Florin Covaci for his straightforward and honest attitude alongside his skill and mastery as a technician. In other words, it seems like he’s managing to build long-term, trusting relationships with customers just like he wanted to.

Los Angeles

Euro Spec Motoring

  • 5414 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, Mid-City
  • http://eurospecmotoring.com


Euro’s Spec specialty is Audi and Porsche, which means that the workers there had all the time in the world to pay extra attention to the tidbits and details of both of these brands – enough to make it a proper semi Audi repair shop, at least. Their facility is equipped with technology and tools that are typically only found in dealerships and they proudly exhibit the academic achievements of those who work there and are eager to help with all kinds of automobile issues.


Communication is the key to almost everything, which is precisely what many customers of the repair shop appreciated most in their service. They do admit that the pricing may not be the cheapest, but they can all agree on the fact that the reliability and professionalism of Euro Spec Motoring wholly makes up for it.

New York

MINHS Automotive

  • 578 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, b/t West Dr & W Prospect Park
  • http://minhsautocare.com


MINHS might just be the most versatile and inclusive of all the Audi repair shops we’ve presented so far, if only for the fact that they allegedly specialize in plenty of brands and types of cars – domestic or import. They do, however, shine the most when dealing with a line-up of vehicles, the Audis included. Just like any self-respecting repair shop, they’re also fully prepared for quality service with factory tools and equipment.


If anything, MINHS is definitely the oldest player on this list so far. It’s been “serving Brooklyn” since 1988 and all of the amassed experience has helped them continuously seek to better themselves and to aim higher and higher.


As expected from a business with tradition, MINHS has earned plenty of accolades for the professionalism of the workers and the tact through which they approach all of the issues they need to solve.

Washington DC

Tom’s Auto Shop

  • 3808 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206, Shirlington
  • http://tomsautostop.com


A business with such a familiar name must certainly value strengthening and forging lasting relationships, right? Well, Tom’s Auto Shop certainly does. The facility aims to provide a friendly atmosphere, professional service, and a safe environment for everyone. Aside from treating Japanese and European domestic cars, they also deal with light trucks!


The most admired aspect of this business is the fact that it seemingly holds really close to the heart a set of moral values and integrity. Some customers have shared that they had initially had a negative experience, mended, however, by the owner’s genuineness in mending the problem and bettering the approach.


Little Shop of Motors

  • 9315 Alberene Dr, Houston, TX 77074, Fondren Southwest
  • http://littleshopofmotors.com


The name is cute and professionalism seems to be in the right place with this one. Little Shop of Motors offers services directed at all kinds of car brands, services which include everything from charging, fixing, and tuning to a simple cleaning duty and some washing. Their emphasis is on the combo between their personnel and the technology that allows them to dig in your car’s internal problems.


Our little Houston repair shop might just be the youngest among the Audio repair shops from this list. It was established in 2005 and ever since they’ve been working relentlessly to be able to provide high-quality services and, above all, reparations that actually work some wonders.


Customers definitely appreciate it when people show that they care, which is precisely why the Little Shop of Motors staff is doing. Many have commended the owner for his personal implication in the various tasks and duties and the fact that the repair shop checks in on the situation of the vehicles ever after they’ve been repaired.


Phil’s Excellent Auto Service

  • 1841 S 24th St, Philadelphia, PA 19145, Point Breeze, Grays Ferry
  • http://philsexcellentauto.com


The intentions of this auto shop are pretty obvious going by the name alone. What do they want? They want to provide excellent auto service, of course! Combined with the “friendly neighborhood local repair shop” vibes comes attention for detail and a desire to exhibit reliable services and forge long-lasting clienteles.


Few things are as annoying as insistent people shoving on you something that you don’t really want or need. If this is one of your biggest pet peeves, head over to Phil’s in case your car ever needs some work because this is the primary thing the repair shop receives praise for. The staff is friendly, but they’re also really honest, so if you hear them say you need some extra work for your car, chances are that you truly do.


Exklusiv Motorsports

  • 2001 W Cheryl Dr, Bldg 3 Ste B, Phoenix, AZ 85021
  • http://exklusivmotorsports.com


This repair shop specializes in works on Audis and VW’s and they’re pretty decided to accept nothing but these brands. They even explain why: it ensures top-notch service all thanks to the experience and in-depth knowledge of these cars.


It was first established in 2004 when it was designed as only a performance and customizing shop. It was the popular demand of customers that gave them the push to evolve into something more.


Only good news seems to lie at the horizon for Exklusiv. The repair shop received praise for all the things that make a car repairing business successful: professionalism, honesty, friendliness, and costs that can bend to the possibilities of anyone.

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