If you use a car air freshener with “new car smell” on its label, you might believe it’s the best way to keep a fresh smell in your vehicle. However, our guide will show you how to keep your car smelling new with a few simple tips, tricks, or inexpensive products that may make a difference.

Our guide will teach how to keep your car smelling new using step-by-step instructions and a detailed list of basic materials you may need.

how to keep your car smelling new

Things You’ll Need

The list above provides examples of the products you may need to complete this task effectively. While you may not think you need all of the items here depending on the state of your car, we do recommend having them on hand. Part of knowing how to keep your car smelling new is preparation. You never know what you might find in your car until you start a deep clean. Having all of these items with you during the job will ensure that you can get it done the first time.

Step 1: Choose a Warm Day

Heat from the sun is an important part of learning how to keep your car smelling new or getting that smell back. The heat reacts with the cleaning products and odor neutralizers to intensify the new car smell. The longer you are able to leave your car in the sun, the stronger the new car smell should be when you use it again. We recommend leaving your car alone for a full day after the cleaning process if you can.

Step 2: Vacuum Everything

Even if your car doesn’t look messy on the inside at first glance, vacuuming it out is an important part of learning how to keep your car smelling new. The vacuum may be able to get rid of odorous particles that you can’t see. We recommend vacuuming the seats first and moving on to the carpets from there. If your vacuum has multiple attachments, you’ll be able to use it to get into the crevices and small spaces of the vehicle. This is an important step in the deep cleaning process. Don’t forget to clean out places that you might pass over, such as the car’s vents.

Step 3: Clean Any Spills

Again, not all drink spills are obvious at first glance. Even if your car looks clean now, it may have old drink spills you forgot about somewhere in the carpet. Anything that lingers may have an effect on the strength of the new car smell you are trying to retain or achieve. You can use a general cleaning product to take care of dark spots or other areas that look as though they have been part of a spill.

Step 4: Use Some Wipes

Wipes for the interior of a vehicle are a big part of how to keep your car smelling new. These products work on most interior surfaces to take care of bacteria and other problems that may detract from the new car smell. Most car wipes are safe to use on your vehicle’s dashboard, doors, and any other hard surfaces you encounter. However, do not use wipes on your car’s windows. They will leave smudges on the windows.

Step 5: Clean the Seats

As you might imagine, the fabric on your car’s seats manages to hold odors pretty well. This fabric is also a refuge for bacteria, so cleaning the seats is a good habit even if you aren’t trying to keep that new car smell intact. Most fabric cleaners are safe to use on the seats, headliners, belts, and any other area that includes fabric. If you have any leftover car air fresheners, you can place them underneath the seats.

Step 6: Spray Odor Neutralizer

It’s okay if you do not have any extra air fresheners. You’ll be using an odor eliminator or neutralizer in the car. If your seats are fabric, you can use most odor eliminators on them without fear. Don’t forget to use these same products on the carpets. Like the seats, a car’s carpeting can trap and hold odors that will interfere with that new car smell. It’s a good idea to take care of all the potential odor spots at once so that you can get an accurate gauge for the new car smell later.

Step 7: Throw Out the Garbage

If you did find any refuse while you were cleaning the car, you can toss it all into one of the garbage bags you purchased. You’ve now managed to take care of the big problems you can see and the small ones that aren’t visible to you.

Step 8: Close the Car Completely

The final step is to roll up your car’s windows, shut the doors, and leave it sitting there. Remember that doing this on a warmer day could produce the best results. This is because the fabrics in your car’s seats and carpets have a particular formulation of gases inside them during production. The new car smell that you’re used to happens to be the gases escaping from the fabrics. These gases fade over time. When it gets warmer inside the car, the seats release the gases again. Your deep cleaning routine helps the smell from these gases remain strong and unencumbered.

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to keep your car smelling new takes a bit more than a few “new car smell” air fresheners and wishful thinking. However, with a few basic products, the right guidelines, and a little determination, there is a good chance you can keep your car smelling new or bring that smell back.

Please let us know how these steps worked for you in the comments section below.

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